[Request] England/United Kingdom 1979

I think a scenario of England in 1979 would be interesting. Does anyone agree and have ideas?

Lots of strikes! (As I recall). And power cuts!
Actually a strike that led to power cuts is a very specific kind of situation, it would make for an interesting problem.

I find it would be an interesting scenario, strikes, power cuts, declining standing on the international stage, inflation which was at the time at 13-15%, a deeply noncompetitive economy. The dilemmas and policy initiatives could focus on privatization, government standing towards unions and how rapidly to implement these policies (Margaret Thatcher writes in her autobiography that there was pressure to act even faster against unions which she resisted because she thought it would undermine the government). In 1979 there were boards (price commission and the pay board) which had been instituted by previous governments to control inflation, there was also foreign exchange controls, all of which the Thatcher government abolished.

As dilemmas and initiatives are implemented they would lead to either a further decline in gdp, trade and a rising deficit (that would already be high when the game starts) while workers are kept happy or it would lead to high unemployment (I think it was 15% at its highest peak, roughly 3-3,5 million unemployed), social unrest that the government would have to deal with, 2-3 years after implemented inflation and unemployment would begin to fall. There could also be a dilemma involving the Falklands War (I find the “Island invaded” event somewhat lacking). Other dilemmas, events, policy initiatives could deals with the IRA, Gibraltar, expansion of the London Tube, relations with the US and the EU, the Ghandi film winning several Oscars and international acclaim.