request for MALAYSIA mod


hye im new to this game, i just hope someone can Malaysia mod. i can assure you that Malaysia will be nice to play with where conspiracy, bribery, and states breakup from the federation if the mod is create accurately following the real situation will be a challenging for players. :slight_smile:


Salam bang.

Sy ade buat. Nak ke? Tp tk siap sepenuhnya lg. Events tak siap lg. Just info and a few options je utk Malaysia.


Criticism aside, a proper Malaysian mod would be very interesting to play seeing how unique the country runs. If you can take into account of the problems and the state of the country, it would be a very enjoyable experience that would surely be an eye opener.


acidsneaker bagus2 teruskan usaha nanti aku try kalau da siap. masukkan semua event politik yang best2 etc harga minyak, pasal sarawak, pelan pendidikan n lain2 haha

leonho97 i agree with u (y)


acidsneaker… mana file mod tu? baru je dpt game ni…harap je ada reply asap


Hello! There is a Malaysia mod available on Steam! It’s in a BETA version but it works :slight_smile:


Hi there! I have made a mod you requested. It’s in it beta version but it’s working :slight_smile: Sort of… :smiley: It’s on steam.


There has been an update version of Malaysia MOD :slight_smile: