RS_ missing

Is this supposed to be like this or are two RSs missing ?

//degrading of rehearsal effects _REHEARSAL_DEGRADE = 0.94

//rate at which hype wears off (lower == faster) _HYPE_DEGRADE = 0.93

And what does RS mean anyway ?

And another question, what do I need to change to prevent my musicians from getting demotivated about having excellent musicianship but cheap instruments ? (I always train them in the beginning, before writing any songs, so it’s unrealistic for them to expect expensive instruments. They stop gaining musicianship and start complaining at about 40)

RS just stands for rockstar, which was the games original name.

the value you are looking for is this:


set that to zero and they should ignore all their possessions (or lack thereof).

//maximum effect that resentment of lack of possesions (relative to fame) has on a musicians motivation RS_POSSESION_MULTIPLIER = 0.50
Interesting how they have possession resentment relative to fame, when their fame is 0 :unamused:

Also, if the 2 dictionaries I checked are correct, the word is possession

Anyway, thanks, that worked perfectly. I thought this was what I’m looking for but the “relative to fame” thing made me think there was a different line that is relative to skill.

I may well have changed the way the code worked and forgot to change the comment :smiley: