The above comment is 100% right if salvo means, well, salvo. In the current GSB Tribes version, salvo doesn’t mean salvo, so I am entirely wrong.

Salvoed PD would indeed work in GSB as suggested.

Dunno what “salvo” in GSB is, but it’s not a salvo, it’s a reload interval of sorts (ready ammo vs magazine storage, or perhaps like a magazine in a pistol, and the time to reload that magazine.

This reload interval IS useful, but we still need a proper salvo.

To borrow from traveller again, what Tribes gave us was the ability to fire one missile at a time from a triple missile turret, or even one beam laser at a time from a triple laser turret, but NOT the ability to salvo them and fire 3 beams at once, or 3 missiles at once.


PS—should be obvious that I am now a Tribes owner :smiley:

yes, it’s noticeable that kinetic weapons are NOT in a salvo. if they were, you would hear one big BANG as they are all fired at once. personally, i prefer the current way of salvos… BUT ONLY for kinetic weapons. for other weapons… that needs to change. :smiley: we need SALVOS.

Yeah, the current “salvo” is useful and should be kept for what it is in addition to a real salvo capability (fire at once).

I suppose, we could get a new line, “salvo = X”

Then you could have:
fire_interval = 3000
salvo = 3
salvo_size = 9
salvo_interval = 90000

In the above example, the weapon would fire 3 at once (whatever it was, beams or missiles). It would do this 3 times (the salvo_size = 9 means 3 shots of this triple turret) at intervals of 3000, then it would take 90000 to reload the turret with another 3 triple blasts.

A huge missile bay might be:

fire_interval = 300
salvo = 30
salvo_size = 60
salvo_interval = 900000

It would fire two swarms of 30 missiles 300 apart, then have to wait 900,000 to reload.

We should start a petition! Who wishes for new salvos? Vote in favor
Rockets shouldn’t have to wait till the forerunner hits/misses, free the rockets! :wink:
I think tater, this is what you want to accomplish with your ‘salvo = x’ ?

Yeah, I want salvos to look like anime rocket swarms :slight_smile:

OK, salvos are not acting as I would expect. I’m trying to bash in fighters with limited ammo.

I made a fighter rocket pod that looks like (other stuff being what the current fighter rocket is):

fire_interval = 1
salvo_size = 12
salvo_interval = 4000000

(it started out as salvo_interval = 40000, but I tried it, added a zero, etc).

You’d expect it to fire (based on the goofy GSB salvo rules) 1 rocket at a time until 12 are used, then have the reload in effect take forever, right? It does the former (12 in a row pretty fast) then reloads, well, quite fast. Fast enough it can fire more shots while orbiting ships with defenses killing off fighters rapidly.

I made a new torpedo for fighters where the fighter is assumed to carry just 2 torpedoes. Looks like this for the salvo stuff:

fire_interval = 1
salvo_size = 2
salvo_interval = 9000000

(note that since it only has 2 shots effectively (in theory), I upped the damage a LOT)

Again, you’d expect it to fire off 2 fairly quickly, then have the reload take longer than a fighter’s lifespan, right? Wrong, it fires a lot of them.

Is there any way to get a weapon to fire a couple shots in rapid succession, then effectively never fire again?

I notice that fire_interval is defined under [dataitems] but the salvo stuff is not… does this matter? (the tribe stuff is similarly undefined).

try some ridiculously long salvo_interval, like 99999999999999999999999999 or something. all we need to know is how the salvo_interval numbers are measured.

I’d happily put in a moddable thing for there to be missile salvos if it was trivial to do so, but it requires some fiddling because in code terms missile launchers only actually have a single missile (and that missile can spawn extra missiles if it has decoys or submunitions). That code need somes re-fiddling to support multiple-missiles per launcher.

Yeah, that makes sense. Really, a gratuitous missile swarm needs only to split into submunitions a short distance after launch instead the way they do now—that and the ability to say how many they split into. If you set the submunition range to equal the max range, will that make them split apart instantly on launch?

Regarding the existing salvo code, in my example above, why are the revised fighter rocket and torp reloading so very fast?

no, it won’t work for max range, but that’s an interesting idea. you could set decoy_release_range to 1, so it would basically fire 3 missiles. change it to warhead = EXPLOSIVE and you’ve got a shotgun missile launcher. :wink:

I got the reload delay to be infinite. Used 999999.

The idea was to make a torpedo that had a “salvo_size” equal to a couple torps, then bumped the torp damage way up, and make the salvo interval to the end of time :slight_smile:

Works, you get fighters that take a couple shots, then are out of ammo. The trouble is that they stay at the target doing nothing. If damaged, they will RTB to the CV bay and get repaired, but the repair paradigm does not reset weapons.

cliffski, how hard is it to make the repair bays reset the salvo_interval so it is ready to shoot again?