Saving Policies Changes

I’m just trying to change a couple of the values that I don’t believe are in line with real world stats.

How do I save the new values? It won’t let me save, or even delete the CSV file. (I am the computer administrator.)

Backup files. Always!
Copy all .csv and .txt files to a new folder, then edit them there.

Please use Notepad etc. - not MS Word.
Wordwrap on/off.
Save as … ANSI format.

read: Democracy 3 official modding guide (by cliffski)

You need to start a new game. This will load your newly saved settings.

Is MS Windows denying your file save
or what program is messaging this to you?

Sorry, I don’t understand you question :frowning:

Thank You,
I can save it now. Just figuring out what the format is now. :slight_smile: