Security, alchool and books

I have some questions about the game, I’m playing version 1.08.

Security Jobs.
I think that fitness and muscle levels drop too fast, mainly fitness.
To get some job in security you need high levels of fitness, but reaching and mantaining fitness of 70% or more is impossible: I spent a year just going to gym or training and fitness level never got above 72% percent just to drop to 60% the day after.

How does it work?
Do you build some tolerance drinking often?
Does it increase your confidence?

If you read a book on fighting stress your stress tolerence gets higher or you simply get a temporary bonus? And training in meditation reduces stress only when you pratice it?

Congratulations for the great game by the way :wink:

Good points there.

I sort of gave up on the fitness, because it dropped by about 10-15 every day. Which doesn’t make sense to me. But this happens with every stat, most annoyingly Happiness. Which seems to go from 0 to 50 on a daily basis.

I think Alcohol goes up too quickly too, you go out for ‘a drink’ and your alcohol meter goes up to 3/4. Aren’t you considered an alcoholic when its full? That means that if I go to the pub twice, Im considered an Alcoholic?

About the stress, I think that reading stress books should make you less prone to being stressed out, therefore giving those stress books a reason for existing :slight_smile:

The alcohol meter shows your current level of inebriation, not the long term blood-alcohol level which is hidden from the player. Its this (hidden) meter that causes alcoholism.
So basically you can go get massively drunk now and then, without long term damage, as long as you have a long recovery peiod between each binge-drinking session.
I may have to adjust fitness, it shouldn’t be that hard.

Ok, popular demand suggests that fitness is too difficult, sooooooo
obviously I’ll patch it (1.1) but in the meantime, heres a file: … vities.csv

That you can drop into the kudos/data/simulation directory (overwrite existing) which makes fitness improvements last longer. This won’t change whats happened in previous days, but with this file there, future fitness-raising activities should last longer.

This is great, thank you, I’ll try the patch soon.

Can you answer my other questions about alcohol?
Drinking often (not too much) allows you to build some tolerance (getting drunk is harder)?
And does drinking provide advantages?

Drinking doesnt allow you to drink mroe later, but thats an interesting idea…
Drink makes you happy. surely everyones knows that ;D It also reduces boredom and stress. Thats why so many actors and musicians become drunkards. Boredom see…