Seeing my own units in Challenges

I’m not sure if this is working as intended or not - but when I do a challenge, 3/4s of the time I end up fighting my own units, not units built by the person who put up the challenge. Which seems really odd as I figure the point of a challenge is in part to see each other’s units in action, right?

I want to note that most of these do not give options like “Scripted, Scenario Units, All Units” - many just launch immediately when I hit Attack or Defend, or have all but Any Units greyed out.

It’s just kind of annoying (and dull) to fight my own units and I figure it’s best to ask and see if I’m doing something wrong here, or if there’s something else funky going on. >.<

I am having a problem like that. Even when scripted is an option(only on 2) there are no scripts to choose from. If scenario units is an option then all I see are the starter units the game came with unless it crashes 1/2 through the loading screen bar(most of the time).

I’m currently investigating these issues, so the next patch should fix all this…


Woohoo! Thanks Cliffski <^_^>b