Ship Names showing "Ship_1234"

So I play as the Rebels a lot, liking their tactics. Just now I noticed an odd error. I’ll build (in campaign mode) a ship and instead of being named the Victorious or the Grandiose or something equally appropriate, it’ll be “ship_1223” with a random four digit number.

What broke? How do I fix it? It’s kinda… annoying…

Also if I try to randomize the names, ALL I get are those ‘ship_1223’ style names.

Erm, please delete this or move it to the “Gratuitous SPACE battles” forum please. x.x somehow when I clicked ‘return’ after logging in, it sent me to the gratuitous TANK battles Support subforum instead.

Thats normal, the game uses a list of words in a .txt file to name your ships, when you have more ships than names on the list, those generic names will start to annoy you. This is because the game “doesn’t likes” to repeat ship names in your fleet.
The solution to this problem is to add as many new names as you want to the file located in:

…Gratuitous Space Battles Updated\data\shipnames

The source of names that Rebels use is warships.txt, just writte more names or copy-paste all of them again multiple times :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for that. That was driving me insane XD

No problem sir, enjoy ^^