showroom: how manny of each model list

How about getting a small list of how manny cars of each model we have in the showroom?

Its hard to scroll down all these cars to see how manny we have of each model.

It would be an easy thing to control how manny cars we produce of each model.
If I have like 100 budget cars and barely anny standard cars I can pull down the volume of budget cars and up the standard.

This got added to the tooltips in the latest patch :smiley:

Cliff, right now it looks like it is counting all variations of the Sedan as equal. I only have 2 variants currently in production, the Classic (Budget) and Primo (Midrange) 22 are in the showroom, and when you hover over, it tells me that there are 22 Classic, and 22 Primo. Where it should show 18 Classic and 4 Primo in Stock.

I still think it would be neat to see it on the income financial chart as well.


Interesting, not sure how that is possible but I’ll investigate.

Ok, fixed in next patch :smiley: