Smart Conveyor Splitters

I’d really like to see a “Smart Conveyor Splitter”.
what I mean is a device that sits on a conveyor junction, and decides which car goes in which direction based on the properties of that car.
this will make building multiple car models a lot easier, as there we wouldn’t need to split the whole pipeline from the first station that has a divergence in the car feature list. instead we could join the pipeline back, and split it again when needed.
the splitter can be configured to work to something like:
if “has electric windows” --> go right
else --> go left


this means to define the car configuration before the production starts.
Maybe you want to take a look into the ‘Design based Production Line’ topic.

Kind regards

Think it’s more like a "smart arm’ from Factorio, that you can set to only pick up certain items from the conveyor belt and can be done without having to configure the car before production.
I like that idea.