Smart stockpiles and an Upgrade All button

Two suggestions for the game:

  1. A ‘smart stockpile’ setting. Have the stockpile decide what to stock automatically, based the assembly/manufacturing stations in closest proximity.

  2. Have an ‘Upgrade All’ button for the assembly stations, that buys all the currently globally unlocked upgrades for that station type. When installing a new line, it’s tedious to have to click on all the upgrade buttons for each station in the line.

Not suggesting removal of the features as the are now, just these additions.

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proximity wouldn’t neccessarily be the best thing though, it would have to look at usage over time within the last produciton hour or something, on the condition that the line hasn’t changed, and decide based on a combination of factors. may or may not be too much work to be worth doing

I do agreee about upgrades though, I wish there was an upgrade management tab that is where I designate what technoligies I am currently using in the factory.
Sort of like permission settings for using upgrades in the factory.
Set technoligy upgrades to be Automatic by default ,in other words, always use this upgrade in stations. right when I buy it and plop it down, just add it to the base cost, but allow the player to set different upgrades permissions to be upgraded Manually if you want to do a special build or optimize a bit and save money here and there.

I’m not suggesting the stockpile behavior as a new default. Only an option to set, on a stockpile basis.

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