[solved] order limpet launcher - does it work?

Hi everyone! New to the forum, but playing for months, just got the Order expansion, and enjoying it quite a bit :slight_smile:

The real question:
I created a Crusader Cruiser with a limpet launcher, and watched the little firing meter as it was swarmed with fighters. But it never lit up once! And I saw no real effect on the fighters either.

I’m wondering what I’m doing wrong here … does it need to be paired with some other module to become effective?

It stops firing after it has released 10 limpet mines, and fires more after some have been destroyed. If you look around, you should see little black mines flying around and attached to fighters. Also, they are really fun to watch, they get knocked off every time a fighter is near an explosion, and can have to rush to get back on.

Also, this thread may have described your problem: viewtopic.php?f=21&t=4401

Ahhh, thanks so much!
I’ll definitely play around with this some more tonight. I’m really hoping to use this effectively in The Veil Nebula map.