Some balancing-related analysis from build 1.41

Starting by some of your toughts:

  • Technological advance is easy to trigger if you are willing to change secularity of education.
  • It’s too easy to deal with crime in two ways, the tough on crime aproach, with high policing expense, or the soft on crime, focusing on solving poverty and inequality with barely any policing. But none of those aproaches have any major drawback, like police brutality or sense of being unsafe.

Some more general regarding groups

  • Farmers and self employed are only pleased by buying their votes, wich make weird to play libertarian because it makes both not your supporters.
  • Middle income seem like a caricature of the middle income by socialist that only cares about tax cuts.

Regarding simulation

  • You are going to have a maxed GDP as long as you are not trying to have it not maxed.
  • Unemployment is almost imposible to solve.
  • State services have an incredible cost and barely any benefits versus their private counterparts.

Last, I gonna make a bit of spam for a couple of my old post where I talk a bit about other issues:
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