Some More Glitches In In-Game Modmaking

  1. After adding a policy (for example), and leaving it for a while (a day or two), clicking on its cost inputs (min and max) leads to the description scrolling up instead of editing the said inputs. This did not occur after relaunching the game for the 3rd time. So it is probably an infrequent bug.

  2. Adding solely a digit preceded by a +/- leads to the graph moving in or out of the graph space. That is, a +5 or a -5, leads to the graph jumping out of the graph space up or down respectively.

  3. Sometimes while saving an input update to a policy/event (don’t know about others), a ghost input (null input) will add itself, what is this?

  4. Cannot at times add cost multipliers for some reason.

This makes it somewhat frustrating, as you may have to delete already made policies and create them again (for example).

Unrelated but still important, it’s not clear what the values are supposed to represent, I thought that they were in multiples of a billion, instead they are 1:1. That is, 1=1 instead of 1=1billion. This isn’t clear.

I’m aware that Cliff will be adding tooltips later, but this above point only became clear to me only after watching the latest dev video.