Some performance speed ups

The next update for the game contains a bunch of speedups. For the technically inclined here are the details:
Basically I managed to reduce the number of ‘draw calls’ which is the batches that you send of stuff to the video card to draw something on the screen. Here are the reductions: (worst case scenarios with a 2nd term and many policies active, GDP highlighted on main screen)

Finance Expenses screen: 187 calls down to 48
Popularity polls screen: 245 calls down to 51
Main UI (GDP highlighted) 386 down to 310
Sim value (blue circle) details (GDP) 159 down to 72
Voter Types polls: 222 down to 113
Intel screen: 168 down to 104

So basically all those screens should draw faster now. If you have a recent video card it will make no difference, but people running on minimum spec PCs may notice a speedup in the game. It will also draw less power, which will help with laptops running on batteries :smiley:


quite massive changes, nice work!