Some questions and concerns before buy... @cliffski


I’m a 28 year old gamer. I have some questions about the game before buy it.

First, if I have well understood, the spirit of the game is “choose yourself an objective and try to reach it”, not the simple “try to be re-elected”. Right?

Second: the “assasination” is a way to compensate the lack of the parliament and his role like “not approve a law/policy”? Because in real world many States parliamentes have a way to express “distrust” against govern. For example in Italy a vote of distrust of both Parliament’s Chambers force the Prime Minister to resign. Or shuffle ministers.

Third: how much is randomized the start situation when I pick a country? Always the same (I think not!), slightly different, completely random?

Fourth: What about turn length? Is 1 turn = 4 months or can be changed?

Fifth: What about furure developement? Stability and balance fix only or new policies and new stuff like even more random events? Or even new game content like new panels, maybe a “Parliement’s Panel”? Maybe population growth?

(I know that the game is fully moddable but I’m concerned about game balance: maybe a mod can add 15 policies which add many interesting options but at the same time cripple the original game experience. I also know that there are many very well programmed mod but I prefer know developer’s future plans, only if possible, obviously!)

A couple of suggestion:

  1. Maybe the settings for the start screen should be optimized: instead of a difficult percentage bar, give the user 10 - 15 levels where the middle is equal to the actual 100%.

  2. In the manual why not make some example about what exactly happens by changing difficult and political apathy?

So, excuse me for this long post and thanks in advance for replies!

PS: I like the UI of this game! Simple but very beautiful.

Hello and welcome to the forums! I’m not Cliff but I’ll try to answer some of your questions:

First: Yes it seems. I also agree with that idea… He talks a bit about it here if you haven’t seen it yet
Third: I think Cliff can give you an better answer here,but what I’ve noticed is that there isn’t much ramdomness in the start,it starts after you start changing the country yourself.
Fourth: 1 turn is equal to 3 months. I don’t think it can be changed via modding

Thanks for the reply. I mentioned Cliff expecially for the fifth point, only him can know what is in next future of the game.


Currently the random ‘seed’ for the game is fixed, but I may well be adding a random-start option in the next patch. I need to test it a lot first.
In terms of the future, I would like to add steam workshop support, and do a lot of tweaking and fixing, but I’m going to see how well modders take to the game before planning any major expansion in terms of new policies and situations. I am going to probably add currency levels to the game (see the post requesting feedback on proposed changes).

Thank you for the reply!

I will follow the development and I’m almost sure that I’ll buy it.

There will be a demo?