Statistics on Products released w/ side effects


Saw on TimTC’s twitter that since Thur. 13 July he has been tracking products released and active (if any) side effects.
Would like to see on here, at some point, statistics from that.
E.g. overall % of products w/ side effects, total # products released from 1 week of BigPharma tracking
and then a list of side effects and # of products for each.

I suspect some side effects are higher % b/c they are not removable, others b/c they contain a commonly needed catalyst, but may be interesting to see.

I saw he put the 1st part on twitter yesterday, but would like a larger sample size.


There’s been negative feedback from replies to that tweet because of the hidden nature of the tracking. Apparently people don’t like being tracked without their knowledge. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully there’ll be an option to opt-in or opt-out in the future instead of complete cutting the tracking completely.


I do agree to coldkiller x post - if tracking is applied it should be fully disclosed and the opt-out-option should be the preference!

Personally I have no problems with being a part of the improvement of the game. There are active ways (by posting in this forum) and passive ways (like delivering statistics by playing the game). Admittedly I’m sensitive regarding privacy issues but I would opt-in if anonymised data is collected and evaluated for the sole purpose to improve the game.


From TimTC’s twitter feed, he did say the data collection was “temporary and completely anonymous” but also later apologized (“You’re right. I regret not doing that”), agreed it should’ve had an ‘opt-in’, and said that it was removed in a later version (“It’s being removed in next patch anyway”) (presumably v0.45.02).


At a time when a lot of companies (Microsoft+Win10, among others) are getting a lot of heat for hidden tracking, it does seem a bit odd that Tim would do that.

Doesn’t bother me if my game is telling him what cures I make, but still. Transparency and all that.