Stockpiles with item templates


first of all: Thank you cliffski for coming up with such a great idea of making this game. It’s awesome!
I played several hours in 1.02 and 1.03 now and I think it’s time for me to share my suggestions.

Most of the time I need items in a stockpile which are required by the assembly station next to it.
I think an option to use a “items template” would be nice: When adding items to a stockpile there should be an optional setting “use template” and all parts with the corresponding required amount are automatically put in the item list.
The only thing I have to do then is adjusting the amount to my needs. When I already have such a stockpile there should be an option to “copy” that stockpile with its item list and the amounts.
Example for the template: When I select the template for “fit engine assembly” the following items will be added to the list: 1 flywheel, 1 starter motor, 8 valves
I have attached a modified screenshot how the template thing could be implemented in the interface.
After building bigger and bigger production lines I hope something like that is possible to implement, because it would help a lot.

Regards, Meikl

Yup, I agree this is needed. Its just delayed by the time needed to do some fiddly GUI code.


have the same topic for my suggestions but found another way how it could be solved: add a ‘Place Stockpile’ button to the station information window so both steps (placing the stockpile and selecting the items) can be done at the same time e.g. while building up a new production line.