stupid Mac question: right-click?

I downloaded the GSB demo yesterday and ran through the tutorial. I hit a small problem with ship deployment, particularly fighters. To change the number of fighters in a squadron, the manual says to right-click on the squadron. But my Macbook doesn’t have a right mouse button. I tried the usual ctrl-click, option-click and command-click, but none of these worked either. What’s the right-click equivalent for GSB on a Mac?

If there isn’t one, I would consider that a bug.

Odd as it may seem… hold control like you would normally to emulate a right click… now DOUBLE click. Double clicking by itself won’t work, nor will control-clicking. And I should say thank you, as I never knew I could change the quantity of ships until now :wink:

Great Mac GSB tip there – thanks for sharing it with us!

That “Mass Deploy” feature is a godsend when planning a major battle – it makes the placement of large forces SO much easier and faster than the normal, one-ship-at-a-time method. :smiley:

Go to the control panel for Mouse, and turn on right click. Macs have this off by default.