Suggestion (GUI): Add a screen between Main Menu and Design

Hey there,

When you are on the main menu, and you press Design, you immediately get thrown into a (very obviously) randomly-chosen ship to edit. I really don’t like this, and it’s also hard to keep an eye on what kind of ships you have, and what kind of ships you can build.

Therefor, I would like you to consider adding an extra screen when clicking the Design button.

Up top, I’m imagining a drop down box. Default, this box stands on “All Ships”, other options are “Dreadnaught”, “Fighter”, and all the ship classes in between.

Then I’d like to see a list of ships I’ve created, preferrably with some default, comparable, data next to it: At least Speed, Armor and Shields, and preferrably Range and DPS (I’m aware this is a little harder with a lot of different weapons)
In addition, New [class] (e.g. New Dreadnaught) options should be in this list, and this should give me a choice of valid specific types, with their bonusses and penalties and shape.

Independent of which line of the list I choose, I end up in the Design screen. If I chose a new design, I get an empty ship of that class, if I chose an existing design, I can, of course, edit that design.

This way, it becomes much easier to see what kind of ships I have, and whether I should maybe focus on certain ship types (e.g. I’d like an Armor-heavy ship to compliment a lot of shield-heavy ships)

of course, you can make the screen as pretty as you’d like, but I think this is a helpful and constructive first step :slight_smile:

Seconding this. A better hull picker would also be nice, being able to select a particular race or class and with a little preview. Instead of having to scroll trough a humongous list and trying to remember which of the three available dreadnoughts for that race is the biggerst.