[Suggestion] Income-Types affect GDP

Hello Democracy 3 - Fans,

today I have thought about an idea, which could optimize the GDP with his influence factors.

Maybe in a future version of the game, the statistics (blue icons) ‘Poor Earnings’, ‘Middle Earnings’ and ‘High Earnings’ could influence the GDP, too.

In Reallife the GDP or the BIP (Germany) is also influenced by the ‘purchasing rate’ of the people, which could simulate with their income rates.
A high income rate of a special group signals a high value of payment rate, which could invest into consumer goods.

An other effect could be, that the chancellor has really good instruments by dropping taxes to increase the income value of the ‘income groups’ in a recession, which could influence the GDP in a positive way.

I wondered about this too. As things stand now, the only things which Low/Middle/High Incomes seem to effect is car and plane usage. Surely people will want to spend their income tax reduction on something other than travel?

Hi jimwinsor,

by a reduction of special taxes, especially the income tax, the people have always two possibilities:

a) People can save their money on a bank account or something else, maybe for a future investment.
b) People spend their money directly into consumer goods / into the economy of the state.

Because of these two possibilities, the GDP could be affected by the ‘Income Rate’ of these three groups in a future version of the game.