Thanks Everyone!

Hey everybody just wanted to take the time to thank Cliffski for this great game, and all of the modders for their mods. Right now i have about 9 mods and all the expansions and this game just keeps getting better. Look forward to future mods and expansions if there is any, wish i had the talent to do some, ones i attempted are crap compered to these others. Thanks again.

Well i would like to thank you for testing out my mods and providing valuable feedback :slight_smile:

I’m just wondering but what mods are you using??

Thanks Darkstar it was good giving you feedback, I really liked your unity mod and am looking forward to when you finish the union. Lonestar I have Fantasy Fleet, Legios, Scavenger, Uni-t, Galactic concordium, Star Wars, Homeworld, Eve Online, Tauri race, Ancient Race, and about to try Ketes new race His voice. I have a couple other random ships and weapons installed also.