The Battlestar Galactica Colonial Fleet ship pack for GSB

Figured I’d start a new thread with the link to the mod so it wasnt over looked in the other thread consiting of my inane ramblings.

Enjoy. Let me know if anyones PC explodes.
Cylon mod in the making. … k7fucej2yj

is it working?

I’m uploading everything again, including everything rather than risk missing something

I’m also using the full version 1.57 with the add ons of the swarm, tribe, and order. If you dont have them it might account for the unknown slot types like sim_kineticweapon

Create a Colonial folder in Data/Bitmaps/Ships and place these folders into it…

Add these files to the data/bitmaps/fx folder:

These go into the data/modules folder

Place the 2 txt files in the data/races folder
and the jpg into the data/bitmaps/races folder:

These go into the data/sound folder:

You’ll need to create a folder named “colonial” in the data/bitmaps/turrets folder and place these in them:

And finally add this txt files to the data/shipnames folder:

Make sure you have the up to date game with all the extra races (order,swarm,tribe) as it appears they have certain types of modules that the base game doesnt work and play well with.

Hey mate do you have a hulls folder for this mod?

Please give me the hulls