Duel race mod Battlestar galactica

After finding a ship editor I’ve started making a new race called the cylons. They are a robotic race that destroys any life in its path. A soon as the editor i got gets the update to run engines,explosions,and smoke effects I’ll start creating better ships.
(Things done)
Cylon race added.
Cruiser created and coded.
Cylon race picture created.
Music is picked.
Note: I am extremely new and I don’t know how to post images…

(people that helped)

want to create a complete Battlestar Galactica mod instead? :slight_smile: i mean both colonial and cylon

also,please rename your topic,Cybrans are a race from Supreme Commander,its confusing

hehe Sorry about that i had some typos. Thanks for pointing that out.

lol no prob
good luck with making this mod,it might be very interesting