The Lagoon Nebula...

Going around trying to rack up some Honor for, probably a new race or maybe hulls not sure, to go try Battle of Mexallon II. Thing is, it took me like eleventy-billion tries to beat this particular mission. I only earned 544 Honor in this mission, and I’ve thus far gotten 7668 off Defending Sirius. I’ve not tried Hard mode for it yet, mainly because when it did my fleet that curbstomps normal, gets torn to ribbons instead.

Any kind of advice for the Nebula? I figure this might be easier then Hard mode Sirius, or if not, suggestions on Sirius? I seemed to have made the mistake of spending a lot of Honor on Turbo Shields for Frigates, thinking it’d help a bit, but doesn’t really seem too…


so with what mission do you have problems actually? i figure the lagoon nebula…

emerald nebula is even more annoying, you don’t get shields at all.

in lagoon nebula your shields are only reduced by 50%.
but this goes aswell for your enemy, and the rebel ships arent’t that tough to crack.

i can’t remember what fleet i used, but i did it with federation and didn’t create new ships for that mission.
i strongly favor shields over armor, even with the 50% penalty i got more than the rebels.
more armor than shields might help a bit though.

otherwise try fast frigates or cruisers with hull damaging weapons since the shields are down fast anyway.
and don’t scatter your fleet or place them in the middle. choose one corner, so that part of the enemy will have to travel across half the map while their friends get destroyed.


Lagoon is easy on normal, here’s how…

Design a new ship. Here’s a design that I THINK you should have all the ingedients for.

Fed Panther Hull
5 - Cruiser Laser (the crappy orange one you have been ignoring) in the nose
1- Shield Generator II
1 - Crew Module II
1 - Basic Cruiser Armor (the lightest one you can fit)
1 - Basic Generator I
1 - Basic Generator II
5 - Cruiser Engine III

This is the only ship you need. The idea is to quickly get close and use the rapid fire weapons to shred the enemy from within range of their own return fire. In practice they usually die before this happens.

Deploy six to start and see what happens. Use these orders:
vs. Fighter – delete this
vs. Frigate – 50% / rng 400
vs. Cruiser – 50% / rng 150
Keep Moving
Co-Operative (highlight them all before giving this obviously)

Deploy all six in a nice tight cluster at the bottom of the map and as far forward as you can. That’s it.

I just ran this using this set-up and won at 100%. Your mileage may vary. If you lose some ships or it goes a bit nutty try again. But this should be a solid starting place.

I don’t have enough Honor for the Panther. I wasted 2,500 on Turbo Shields for frigates thinking it’d be good. I’m sitting at 3,609 Honor right now :frowning:

Wish you could sell back bought stuff sometimes.

I did that idea, but used a different Cruiser. It worked wonderfully, although they couldn’t destroy the 3 bigger cruisers the match timed out since neither side could penetrate the other’s shields. 100% still as well.

What build did you use that couldn’t destroy those cruisers – meaning how many guns and ships firing at them?

Try mixing a plasma torp in with the cannons. This will give you a little more punch. That should turn the trick no problem.

Shield Strength is cut in half. Shield Resistance, what keeps weak weapons from damaging the shield, is fine. So you’ll still need high shield penetration weapons to break some of the shields. And conversely, using high resistance shields can protect you against a lot of their weapons.

Really? huh. I’ve only had the demo for a day or two and I already beat that level on Expert. Though it was just the demo so it’s possible that it’s different on the full version