THE ORDER (Expansion Pack)

Cliff, you might want to check out the “Get THE ORDER” banner on this forum and the game site, because it links to the Tribe-page and from there there is no direct link to the ORDER page. You have to go to the home-page to see the Order tab and link.

gah, I’m an idiot who can’t count. It’s 10 isn’t it. What a nightmare. Bit late to change that trailer now too. Arrrrgghhhh.
I’ll fix those links.

Anything special I need to do?

I ordered GSB and the Tribe expansion through Steam, but tried to buy the Order directly, and it doesn’t seem to have installed.

Is there some walkthrough to get it to work if you originally purchased through Steam?

It’s almost certainly just been installed in the wrong place. You can just re-install. The installer assumes the game is in \program files\gratuitous space battles and with steam it isn’t. its something like \program files\steam\steamapps… etc.
You just need to use the browse button during install to check the installer isnt getting the path wrong, or adding ‘gratuitous space battles’ when its houldn’t be.

My sentiment exactly.

Goes off to boot up his Windows PC to download the expansion he just bought…

I think that needs an a just before mistake.

Gave it a shot…

The Order shows up now, but I get an error every time I try to start a mission with the Order in it.

Sorry to trouble you with this. Had I heard of GSB prior to Steam, I would have bought it direct. Seems it makes a mess of some things.

I can move my request to the support section if you like.

You probably dont have tghe latest version yet (1.35) you need that to play The Order.

Well, of course it’s nothing less than an outrage! Can you imagine, how many poor poor gamers cried themselves to sleep last night, holding on tight to their Master Chief, Zergling or Gordon Freeman plushies to get over that trauma that struck them upon the discovery that only three fighters are there instead of four?

As the spokesman of the just created GMUDFFSA (Gamers Making Unreasonable Demands For Free Stuff - Association), which I just made up, I demand the next expansion to be free for all with at least one new race and additional ships to bring the ship count of every other species up to 12. I’m sure, all will concur that this is only reasonable given the emotional trouble and personal hardships we all had to go through after this shocking discovery.


How long does one have to wait for this expansion to become available on Steam? My antenne are twitching in anticipation.

It’s fixed now. Life is good!

Buy the expansion direct from Cliffski… He makes more money that way, and it works fine with the Steam version(I purchased the game and the first expansion on steam.) Nothing against giving steam money, I just like giving Cliffski money MORE. =D

I am familiar with how the system works, and I em entirely interested in supporting the developer. However, the benefits that steam offers has me spoiled. I am done losing cd keys, cd’s, fighting DRMs that may or may not work with my system, following websites to see if a patch is out (not saying GSB has these issues, just saying Steam eliminates these issues in most cases). Besides, while I know that Steam takes a cut, to be fair, I would have no idea that this game existed if it didn’t pop up on the Steam page. Now I have GSB, plus the Tribe, and I’ll get the Order when it comes onto Steam. I also got three of my friends to buy it after checking it out. So, purely due to checking it out as it appeared on Steam, there were 4 GSB copies purchased, plus expansions. Steam probably deserves some kid of cut for that. I have 140 Steam games, happily supporting Steam and game developers at every chance.

Back on topic… when can I look forward to seeing this on Steam?

I’m emailing steam today, but it can take a while for them to put new content up, depending how busy they are with other stuff.

Excellent! Thanks for the update… and the update!

Well Cliff, great update. I like the new ideas and possibilities for modding. Especially the [pulseglows]. But I have a question in this regard. Why did you have to make it so messed up? Only to give me some kind of riddle? ^^ The files are not centered and the coordinates are divided by 2. It gave me quite a hard time to figure this out ^^
PS: I love the tractor beams! ^^

Just trying to make smaller files :smiley:

It hasn’t worked for me. trying this now!

Will this expansion be available on Impulse too ?

Yes, but I can’t give an exact date for that, it could be today, or in two weeks…

The Order just went up for sale on Impulse today.