The UK should probably start with Game Hunting Restrictions

It’s a pretty big impact on the environment variable and from what I understand it there are substantial restrictions on hunting in places like England.

Hmmm good point! This actually comes from Democracy 3:Africa, for stuff like shooting elephants, but you are right, we do have some hunting restrictions in the UK, especially foxes, and a big debate about badgers etc. I’m pretty sure you cant hunt deer either, but TBH although ironically we occasionally get stray deer in our garden, thats super unusual. Not sure where you would find wild deer and a gun license combination here…

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Is it now.

Well I was originally from London, so seeing deer outside a park was not a thing I experienced until I moved :smiley:

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Should have a policy that can adjust from, Complete ban of shooting animals - for conservation purposes - conservation and sporting - removal of all restrictions.
Second policy of meat diet. No meat is allowed to be eaten - synthetic meat only - meat from wild animals (shot from conservation) - low intensity farms - highly industrial farms - no regulation on production of meat.

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I’d love my right to hunt and also self defend with guns or other means also it should be mentioned that most hunters are stuarts of the land

Yeah but I’m not sure if a more liberal gun or hunting policies should have positive effects on the Patriot group.

Its more confusing now that I am adding the US. I’m not sure the extent to which the US has hunting restrictions. I get the impression that its less restricted than the UK, but there are some restrictions I think. I’m pretty sure you cant shoot brown bears or eagles for example :smiley: