Threads with advice for new players

I’ve now dumped most of this onto the Gratuitous Space Battles Wiki at Any help expanding the wiki would be appreciated, hint hint… :slight_smile:

I see alot of questions by new players lately, hopefully some of these will be useful.

[size=125]Stickied[/size] – enjoy!

Folks, please feel free to post more links here leading to noob-helpful threads that you find on the other GSB subforums.

And there’s also the wiki. Don’t vandalize or clutter-up the wiki with irrelevant fluff, though. At least one player has already been banned for doing that (among many other problems of his creation).

I have to say, this thread helped me out a lot, figuring out the strengths and weaknesses of each race and what not. It doesn’t include the DLC races, but someone could easily add them.

hi guys im also new here and this thread will help a lot to me…i got a lot of info’s here that will help me tahnx again

Thanks for accumulating this.


The above thread has a post by Aeson which really lays out a strategy for Campaign mode.