Tiny change then I maximum love!

Hi there,

I’ve been following this game’s development for ages now, thanks to RockPaperShotgun. I just downloaded myself the demo, and that seems rather quite my thing - I was always great at strategy, but poor at real-time. Also, explosions.

Payday is Wednesday next week, but unfortunately the demo gives me crippling mouse lag. In a game that’s about moving ones mouse and then clicking, this is quite the issue. Forum-search said “windowed mode”, but none of the resolutions are anything near convenient - they’re either too tall vertically when including the window decorations, or far too horizontally challenged. Windowed or not, my rather “beefy” (note: no cow flesh in PC) computer runs it maxed, displaying large numbers of those frames the kids all like inside of each time unit. Also note: yes, I’ve fiddled with the mouse speed slider - and speed is not the issue, movement latency is.

Ultimatums are really rather childish, so I am politely suggesting to you that perhaps (definitely) if you add hardware mouse, then I will buy the game. And so will my friend Oliver so we can take turns trying to kill each others’ fleets. Please do not be offended, I would say that the Aston-Martin V12 Vantage sports car is a magnificent work of art, but I’d still never consider buying one if it had very slightly oblong wheels or a square steering wheel.

So, 'tis an equation! Is the time it takes to add hardware mouse support multiplied by how much you’d like to earn per hour greater than, or less than, the cost of your game multiplied by two?


Run the game in “Windowed” mode. Mouse lag is gone.

I don’t mean to be combative, but did you read my post? (I know I can be verbose, and I do apologise)


Hi, I am aware of mouse issues. I’m fixing it in the next patch (maybe today/tomorrow or maybe it will slip a week till after I move house). I rewrote the whole mouse stuff. It only happens on certain setups. Ideally, it will then we as responsive fullscreen as it is in windowed mode.
Its not just a matter of being a hardware mouse, but its a matter of the different methods games use to get the current mouse location, combined with the fact that really fast cards doing triple buffering effectively automatically force the mouse to be lagged. The whole mouse-lag in 3D accelerated games thing is a major pain on windows.
When I patch the game, I’ll patch the demo too, so you will be able to check its responsiveness on your system before buying

Oh wow, words from the man himself!

I don’t really know anything about mice and their intricacies, “hardware mouse” was just something I was regurgitating from someone else’s offhand mention of the issue on here, and I hate to post a “something needs fixing” post without offering a solution. The reply is much appreciated!

I’d certainly be rude to demand a patch from you when you’re busy moving, so I shall squirrel away 32 of my Foreign Dollars for when you’re settled in at the new place and have the leisure to be able to work again. Hopefully it’ll buy you some energy-saver light-bulbs to replace the ones you broke moving.

Never let it be said that people from Rock-Paper-Shotgun are not men and women of honour.