Too easy to exploit game engine through brainwashing entire population into factions of choice?

This is espacially the case with Patriots and Religious as they have a lot of policies affecting membership - withing one term you can easily brainwash 100% of population into them. With socialists, capitalists and liberals it takes a little longer but is still perfectly doable. Through this exploit it becomes very easy to get over 90% of vote in the election. It’s very nice that we can promote certain factions and make others less popular through policies, however it’s extremely unrealistic for the ENTIRE population to convert into for example patriots withing just a few years simply because of widespread anthem-singing and cool armed forces week. And frankly speaking no faction ever should have a membership of 100% or 0%. That’s just doesn’t really happen in real life
The easiest way to fix this would probably through setting a membership cap for factions or making futher membership gains way slower after reaching a certain point


I’d disagree with a cap, since I don’t think it’d necessarily be impossible for an entire country to go patriotic, or go socialist, or so forth, so it doesn’t make sense to have that be the case in the game either.

However, if not the slow down at higher rates, then perhaps instead there could be some kind of “backlash” or “counter culture” mechanic. Too radical an increase in patriotic membership, and there’s a counter-movement by Liberals or Socialists to protect/ represent Ethnic Minorities. Too much liberal membership increase, a Patriot or Conservative backlash, a dilemma that funnels membership and unhappiness into those groups.

I’m not sure if it’d be possible to do this without adding a new feature for tracking rate of increase, rather than the raw figure as it currently does. But I think it’d be cool if it was introduced.


Rather than a hard cap, I think the process needs to take longer, but there are many things which react too quickly in this game. Education, health, poverty, GDP and crime can all be pinned to either the top or bottom of the chart in one term. The only reason unemployment can’t is because of how immigration is modeled.

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I think that all these voter types are meant to be exaggerated and stereotypical extremes, so I guess when they interact, the emergent behaviour creates a nation with realistic voters? Cliff has investigating voter elasticity as one of his Trello, balance goals, so let’s see what becomes of that.

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Nope sorry, I disagree with you. I’ve did many green plays and the entire population turned environmentalist.