Transgender Transition Without Surgery/Bureaucracy

New Policy: Allow gender change without surgery?

Will reduce bureaucracy.

Will have a lower positive impact amongst liberals as it reflects their discussions amongst themselves between their factions on how gender should be mutable. But not too low, as it reflects personal choice as well.

Will have lower negative impact on conservatives and religious because it maintains bodily integrity (the body is a gift from God) and reflects conversations amongst their factions on whether gender is mutable and to what extent. But not too low, as it reflects gender change in some form.

Um, how does gender changing work without surgery?

I believe that transgender is actually changing the parts that makes you that certain gender and then switch to have the parts that makes you that other gender you chosen.

Well the argument from the LGBTQIA+ community would be that gender is not innate and hence people should be able to change it at will. Alternatively Cons and Rels would be comforted to some extent as bodily integrity would be maintained.

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Why can’t I edit this title? Anyways it should probably read “WIthout Surgery/Bureaucracy”.

Not to mention that surgery can reduce sensitivity in one’s privates, and not everyone wants to risk losing that.

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