Currently Big Pharma is only available in three languages English, French and German. I would like to know what are the plans to translate this game in other languages. Can the community do it, for example Democracy 3 can be translated by the community by going to the following link


Yes the game can be translated by the community, as i done it before the official german translation was out.

Simply make copies of the, the and the

The you have to change the en into another country code, for example, so that there is no conflict with the original files.

The main text is in the, so all the descriptions and event textes are here.
The contains the way how your drugs are named while they are processed.
And the contains all finished product names.

When you do a translation you should check, that you save the text in the utf8-codepage.
It should also be possible to use non latin characters do to utf8, but no guarantee on that.