Tribe Balance Patch (for NEC and SAC)

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Edit: Base on the polls, this patch will not be made. Ban Tribe in future challenges seem to be the way to go.

It’s not a route I would encourage. I know, I used to be that guy.

First off, the majority of players in games do not read the forums, and even the ones that do are likely to miss any announcement. Prepare for the inevitable and immense headache involved with getting information to people who don’t read what you’re writing. It’s not a new race, it’s a patch for one people already have - and that will be confusing and ultimately detrimental to participation. It’s easier just to put “NO TRIBE ALLOWED” in the map title.

Even if you solve these problems, these situations tend to generate split communities. Be prepared for upset players who won’t want to recognize your authority on any matter of game balance, or ones that will want to take it ever further.

Lol I know… Not the first game I tried this on. Usually it’s just a big waste of time and lots of headache. Uniformity is required for these sort of stuff to work, so unless it’s an official patch the entire community has to agree to it. I don’t intend to make anything unless I get 100% of the SAC/NEC participants responding here and voting YES. If I get one NO or only 99% of the NEC/SAC participant voted then clearly this won’t work and I can avoid the drama.

I fully agree that Tribe is OP.
I voted “no” because I like them this way, hehe
But I welcome an official patch.

Well here’s the thing: you could create your own tournament aside from NEC and SAC, and require this patch as a rule. If people want to play without your balance patch, then they can play in the NECs and SACs that are already up. But if they want to try something new, they could participate in your tournament. So the choice to play “vanilla” GSB is not removed. People have options, and those options aren’t mutually exclusive.

On the other hand, if people want to play in YOUR tournament but NOT use your patch, well then that is against the rules and is cheating. And there isn’t much you or anyone can do about cheating, even in the existing NECs and SACs.

BTW, I think a neater way to balance out tribe, would not be to nerf tribe, but to buff shields and armor. How much? Dunno :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would welcome an official patch that does not over do it and emasculate tribes.

If tribes being overpowered is a concern for NEC and SAC (and I could see how it could be), I would recommend a more simple solutions. My solution would be to outlaw Tribes for a particular NEC or SAC from the start. I really wouldn’t mind seeing a SAC/NEC without tribes (or wmw/nomad missle spam).

I wonder what a SAC with only Federation, Imperial, Alliance, and Rebel fleets would be like?

I don’t think, as a community, that we should be doing anything that might discourage people from buying DLC.
That’s not good for the game.

Then you will only see Fed and Rebel most likely. Just look at the earlier SAC1.

Maybe we should have a tournament; Alliance and Empire only.

As an alternative, we could create a new SAC where you can’t use a race that is already on the stack of 3 fleets. That way we cycle through at least 4 races. What we have now is mostly tribes, with a dash of Nomad missle spam, order rad rush, and swarm frigates.

But I digress from the OP, which involved a patch or re-balance of Tribes. As a restatement, I am not in favor of a fan made patch to play a NEC/SAC.

^ +1
I was thinking the same thing.

Dude! We need this patch. People are complaining sufficiently, and everyone believes its OP. While most would ban, its by far better to make a group USEFUL than to deny it in the first place.

Looking at the general number of people who participates in SAC/NEC, vs the amount of people who are either indifferent/against a fan patch, I think we can say this idea is officially voted out.

It’s just one of those things that require uniform consent and participation to work, and we haven’t got it.

Well, I dont play Tribe, but if you dont want them in your tournaments, cant you just set a supply limit for their repairs, and their weapons, and therefore nerf them to the point of unplayability?

That’s not why they are overpowered. Actually if people are forced to use at least 1 repair module that will nerf Tribe significantly… it’s that bad.