Two suggestions

First, when I admin defeat I’d like it to take me back to the deployment screen (rather than the main menu), showing the same deployment as I just used, so I can quickly make changes and try again. I know I can save and reload deployments, but this would smooth things out a bit.

Second, I’d really love a ‘sandbox’, where I could experiment with how different ships and weapons interact. This could take the form of private challenges.

Awesome game!

you can kludge the second part already - set a challenge … to yourself

but yes. it’d be nice to have a sandbox where you could flip the playfield in deployment and place ships on one side or t’other

@snowdrift ah thanks, I was under the impression that Challenges were automatically public. I will try using that.

Agreed! When you get sent back to the main menu it just sort of yanks you out of the game. I get the feeling that I wasn’t done with that mission, but I’m being forced to quit the mission anyway - it might as well just exit to desktop in the current state.

Also agreed!