Unable to start game (Steam)

I own this game since 3 weeks and I had no problems,but today I’m unable to start it.Everytime I received the “.exe doesn’t work anymore”.
I don’t know what I can do,de- and reinstalled it a few times.
I hope you can help me to solve this

Hey Fixer1994, welcome to the forums.

Any idea on what changed in the last 3 weeks ?

  • did you edit any files
  • add any mods
    I cant think of any reason on why the game would just stop working for no reason.

If you cant think of anything, dont worry. There are a few things we can do, that might help identify the problem and get you back in the game.

Background info:
Sometimes this has proved useful. What is your system setup. You have already informed us your using steam. Now could you provide us with other information that helps us build a mental picture of your setup. For example

  • Operating System
  • Screen Resolution
  • System Specs

The error in question:
To help narrow down what is going on when you run the exe, the game will create some text files which it dumps debug info into. While the information can prove cryptic at times it can help narrow down the search window.
If you could post in your next reply the information contained in the location:
\My Documents\My Games\GratuitousTankBattles\debug\

With this information we can begin the process of finding out what is happening to cause the exe not to work anymore


Re-installation Hint #15
When your completely reinstalling the game, its a good idea to delete the \GratuitousTankBattles\ folder located in \My Documents\My Games\

I’m sorry that I’ve posted in the wrong support forum. :3
I had the problem with GSB but I solved it.
Thanks for the hint with the error textfile.The problem was a part of a mod I’ve uninstalled last week.I still had the custom build of one of the ships that was included in the mod in the ships folder so the game crashed because it couldn’t find the required data.