Unlocking Activities.

I already finished my 10 years on this game but have chose to “continue playing”. I haven’t been able to unlock any activities. (go to church, learn to drive, etc). I read in another forum that to unlock “learn to drive” just enroll in the class. I don’t have that option. Can someone please tell me how to unlock the activities and how many different activities their are all together?

The activities can be viewed in the “solo_activities.csv” and “social_events.csv” files. These files can be found in “\Kudos 2\Data\Simulation” in the game’s installation directory. All .csv files in that directory can be edited (using Notepad, or Excel, or Calc) to adjust the game events/jobs/interests/etc. For more info I’d suggest checking out the Kudos 2 Modding boards.

A rough count suggests that the solo and social events tally to 71 unique entries (37 and 34 entries respectively). There may be more in other files that I haven’t noticed.

BEFORE you edit any files though, be sure to make a BACKUP of that file to avoid having to reinstall when something goes wrong.

Wayno, getting back on the horse

Most of those activities are unlocked after a set amount of time. Driving, church, walking in the park, wine and cheese party, and maybe a couple of other ones are all ones that are unlocked after a set amount of time. Other activities (dinner party, writing a screen play, etc.) are only unlocked after you meet some skill criteria.

I seen that they are suppose to unlock after a certain amount of time but my ten years has already been up and nothing has been unlocked.

It’s not time related, but related to you organising social events. If you only ever go to other peoples events, they won’t unlock :smiley: