So I bought the game from Arcadetown not knowing about any other versions. Then I find this site while looking for patches. After looking around, I can see that you’re only patching the version you made.


And how can I get a patchable, un-ending verson?

because the version sold here is often patched and changed, whereas versions solf through other sites take ages to appear, so are often out of synch with the main (positech) version. Most of the patches you see discussed for the positech version have already been pre-applied to the arcadetown version already, so they are unnecessary. This happened because the positech version came first, and arcadetown was much later.

But my game still ends at 10 years. How do I change this?

And is there any way to make the time past by week, instead of by month?

And finally…did you work on The Movies? Because I swear there was a Cliffski who was on the Lionhead board.

yes that was me, I did the AI for the Movies. If you email me your receipt for the game I will try and arrange a patched version for you. (cliff AT positech dot co dot uk).