Updated to 1.54. Changes listed below

Here is the complete changelist for todays update:

[version 1.54]

  1. [Bug] Fixed bug where AI research could sometimes skip a rung in the research tree and not research the parent tech.
  2. [GUI] Fixed flickering of tooltips on the slot details screen.
  3. [Bug] Sound effects volume slider now works again!
  4. [Content] New mission map: Detroit (216% bigger than previous largest map).
  5. [GUI] Changed the ‘New!’ text so it no longer flashes but is drawn vertically on the slot selector instead, so it is less irritating.
  6. [Bug] Fixed bug where sometimes the backs of company logo signs were flipped.
  7. [GUI] Research link button on the design studio details window now links directly to the car designs tab in research screen.
  8. [GUI] Reorganised the research tree slightly with some more pre-requisites required for certain techs.
  9. [Balance] Increased the research output of the research center, increased price of both research facilities, and increased research cost of some late game items.
  10. [GUI] Added new floating notice that informs the player when resources are refunded from a stockpile if seemingly not needed any more.
  11. [GUI] Hovering over a building zone ‘unlock’ icon now shows as a highlight the area that is contained within that zone.
  12. [Bug] Fixed bug where in some circumstances cars would not sell.
  13. [Bug] Fixed bug where custom map delete button was not working.
  14. [GUI] Added icon to tech tree entries to indicate when they are already in the research queue.
  15. [Feature] New discount scheme feature added to the showroom.
  16. [Bug] Fixed bug where the ‘defects’ vehicle sign could be stuck at the export slot after exported car was sold.
  17. [Bug] Fixed crash bug involving using commas in car design names. Commas can now longer be entered in the naming window for car designs.
  18. [Optimisation] Reduced size of save game files.
  19. [GUI] Slot picker mouseover now shows the number of each item that is created for manufacturing slots.
  20. [Languages] Added community-provided Slovenian language translation.

Hope you like these improvements. We have a bunch of small fixes, balance changes etc to do next before we think about marketing campaigns for models, and maybe reliability and machinery breakdowns.
Don’t forget to vote on your priorities!


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for a bigger mission map.

I have started playing the game again and must say I missed it.