New version uploaded (build 1.46)

Here is what we have added & changed in the game today!

  1. [Feature] 8 new achievements.
  2. [Balance] Slowed down servo production speed and increased cost of servo production slot.
  3. [GUI] Efficiency graph component list now shows consumption in the last whole hour, so its more useful (rather than the current hour!).
  4. [Balance] Increased rent of expansion lots on all maps by 50%.
  5. [Feature] Expanding the factory now has an additional one-time contract signing cost for each new zone you take over.
  6. [Balance] Reduced costs of early multi-task production slots.
  7. [Feature] Added Dutch and Polish translations
  8. [Feature] Added button to pause/resume production slot progress.
  9. [GUI] Changed color scheme of R&D screen so it burns your retinas slightly less.
  10. [Bug] Fixed bug where cars could get replaced by white squares if a screensaver kicks in or somehow the app loses focus when fullscreen.
  11. [Feature] You can now re-order items in the research queue.
  12. [GUI] Slot windows now show total time, plus current task time.

I also added some new icons for the marketing campaigns, new icons to represent different banks which offer you loans, and a bunch of proper icons for choosing from as your company logo.

The next patch is likely to focus on balance and bug fixes rather than features. I’m still building up to starting work on defects and QA/Car quality as well as equipment breakdowns.

I hope you like the new changes, please let me know what you think, and as ever, if you like the game and have not yet left us a quick steam review, please do so as they are really appreciated, and encourage more players to check out the game.

As always Cliffski, job well done! Loving the new Icons and colour options.

I like the 10 cars sold requirement before researching specialization. I wonder if it’s worth it to try to add a few premium features while waiting for the specializations to unlock?

I like this “build 10 cars” then you can not do research, because I think you should be able to research from the beginning because it is indeed (and I think you want to orientate on the reality) in the reality of research from the beginning and not only when you have something completely finished.

what you can do the certain things (that’s the way you do it) can only be explored if you have something else.

However, I would do all research on a rider, and not split into 2.
I must confess I have discovered the 2nd only by accident