New version released. (1.38) Here are the changes

Hi again! we just set build 1.38 live. Here is the full changelist (quite a long one this time…)


  1. [GUI] Research button tooltips now color to show design/main R&D and queued items by different colors.
  2. [GUI] Marketing menu button now greyed out until you have placed your first marketing facility.
  3. [GUI] Configure imports button is now a tab on the slot window instead of a separate confusing window!
  4. [GUI] The sales matrix now greys out and adds a new tooltip for body styles you have not yet researched.
  5. [GUI] The list of car options on the design window is now more visually responsive.
  6. [GUI] New window created to make the task of assigning newly-researched techs to car models much simpler.
  7. [GUI] Clicking on a disabled (due to tech) slot on the slot picker window now launches the research screen focused on the required tech.
  8. [Simulation] Supply stockpiles now need import priorities researched to configure them.
  9. [Graphics] All animations now correctly stop when game is paused.
  10. [Feature] Cars now stop, and slots display a warning, if a feature is on a cars design but cannot be installed at a slot.
  11. [Bug] Deleting an office no longer removes the pre-existing partitions.
  12. [Bug] Fixed bug where under certain circumstances there would be ‘orphaned’ zoom-out icons for cars.
  13. [GUI] Summary of achievement progress added to the main menu and loading screens.
  14. [GUI] Some UI windows now expand to fit available & required room.
  15. [GUI] Corrected wrong scrolling on the sales showroom window.
  16. [Simulation] Deleting a slot now credits you with a full refund of the value of any stock in its stockpile.
  17. [GUI] When a customers budget is high enough, the feedback on insufficient features now mentions a reasonable missing feature.
  18. [Bug] Fixed crash bugs and hangs when returning to the game after sleep/lock/alt+tab.
  19. [GUI] Hold down CTRL now (not shift) if you temporarily want to bypass the delete confirm GUI. shift selects the conveyors.
  20. [Feature] New car feature, upgrade & research item: Side airbags!

I guess the big changes here are the import control moving to a tab, the all-new post-research features dialog, and the resolution-adapting windows so you get to use more of those bigger monitors.

The top priority according to player-votes seems to be conveyor logic control, which is basically being able to place a special conveyor junction with the option to control which car designs go through which exit, which will allow you to have a ‘;fast’ lane for budget cars and a slower lane for the high-end ones that need a lot of features. This will take a little while to design and get right, but I think it will be cool. It involves a lot of tricky code to work into the existing stuff…

if you want to see a video showing off most of the new stuff, check out our latest video blog here:

Thanks for your support.

Oh, #10 is a big one. Nothing like retooling your line and then forgetting to a couple of upgrades and having a stockpile of cars now one will buy because they are missing some big features for the price. :slight_smile:

great news…

About to load it up. So excited!

Everything is really nice. The one thing that really stands out even more is the need to be able to set sale prices for cars in the showroom that have a subset of features missing because you’d added them. I’ve found I can only manage about 3 or 4 car versions per body so I like to stick to that.

What the system forces us to do right now is drop the price for all the cars on that model, which will include the new and old until you hope they sell. This can mean you have 1 old car and 10 news ones all selling for poor prices until the old one moves out. And it becomes a neverending circle with the way some of us play, when we save cheap upgrades for later, just when we finally cleared that old one, we have a another upgrade or two to add and the selling issue begins again.