Updated to 1.76. Bug fixes, UI tweaks. Editor improvements. Faster on big maps

Hi everyone! A bunch of cool new improvements covering all areas of the game, here is the complete list:


  1. [Bug] Fixed crash bug when using B hotkey twice with task picker closed.
  2. [GUI] Improved component tab on efficiency screen shows more stats, in more sortable columns, with only one column now.

  1. [GUI] Improved pie charts on expenses chart now highlight the top few component costs as different shades of red.

  1. [Bug] Fixed missing LED headlights graphic for sports car.
  2. [Bug] Fixed bug where the player was not credited a refund when unused resources were automatically refunded by a slot due to not being used over a long period.
  3. [Bug] Fixed bug where the ‘prefer local’ option for resource importing seemed to work incorrectly.
  4. [Balance] Slowed down the rate at which the perceived value of vehicle features change over time in response to competition. This should reduce price micro-management.
  5. [Bug] Fixed bug where car designs that used white or red seats, but fewer of them due to body design were using too many and wrong seats.
  6. [Bug] Fixed issue where in certain combinations, resources might be ordered badly by slots, notably the air suspension upgrade on fit undercarriage.
  7. [GUI] Changed the vehicle design screen so that component cost was using the current purchase price of components, not just the games starting price for them.
  8. [GUI] Improvements to map editor to allow placement of import/export on edge tiles, also blocks out and shows the 2 adjacent tiles next to export slots.

  1. [Performance] Reduced lag on huge maps when placing new overhead conveyor routes.
  2. [Bug] Moving a task-linked supply stockpile now retains its task link.
  3. [Bug] The advice to research new body types now will not trigger if you are already researching your first body type.
  4. [GUI] When placing a conveyor or the overhead conveyor, ESC key now cancels, as does right-click.
  5. [GUI] When design is being researched (or along with normal research) an extra green progress bar appears by the research icon now.

  1. [Bug] Fixed zoom limit on map editor with really big maps.
  2. [GUI] Zoom in/out with the mouse wheel on the map editor now does zoom-to-cursor.
  3. [Bug] When moving an existing slot, disabled upgrades are no longer removed and need re-buying.


Hope you like the changes. I have more improvements planned for the charting and reporting stuff. Some of that formatting could be improved. I also want a more elegant way of breaking down component import costs. Hopefully the game will have slightly less micro-managing of prices now, and for people on massive, slow custom maps, performance should have been boosted a lot.

Please let me know here if this update has introduced any new issues. The known ‘problems’ I am aware of are:

  1. very occasionally cars are drawn with missing components after playing for a long time and slightly zoomed out.
  2. very occasionally the screen will go mostly white for a period, which is fixed the minute you re-start the game. I still cant reproduce this yet.

Thanks for all your support in offering suggestions and advice to improve the game, and for continuing to support my little company :smiley: