Updated to build 1.43 with in-game mod editor for media spin & events, lots more tweaks

  1. Fixed bug where some effects stopped working, notably from Environmentalist Percentage, where inertia was applied to the effect.
  2. Fixed bug where the Share IPO Cancelled event triggered too often.
  3. Voter analysis grid now shows voters who cast a protest vote for a smaller party as multicolored.
  4. The election results column for protest parties now has an explanatory tooltip.
  5. Added support to the mods content editor so you can now create sim values (blue circles) too!
  6. Effects you right click on no longer show a misleading chart if they are decaying impacts from a one-off event.
  7. Dilemmas, Coalition offers and donor demands should now be more prominent in next turn reports.
  8. Reduced the frequency of the foreign neighbor missile test event.
  9. Changed the order of missions to have Japan feature earlier, as an example of a harder mission.
  10. Technological advantage situation is now slightly harder to trigger.
  11. Added stars (out of 5) on the mission selection screen to show the player the approximate difficulty for each country.
  12. Adjusted many policies so their impact on the crime rate tapers off slowly as the policy slider rises.
  13. Adjusted many policies so their impact on the violent crime rate tapers off slowly as the policy slider rises.
  14. Adjusted policies so that its harder to make Environmentalists and retired people happy.
  15. The in-game mod editor now allows you to create a new media spin event and a new pseudo-random event.

would definitely play with the protest vote option enabled

btw a small question) do party members join together with protest voters? I guess they don’t.


CREATEMOD_ISGOOD		= "Is Positive?"

strings.ini include two ‘CREATEMOD_ISGOOD’ in it. one of them was added this time.

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Party members are 100% loyal, they will always vote for the party they are members of. The people who cast protest votes are the slightly less loyal voters.