Updated to build 1.60. Lots of cool changes/features/content


This is an update I’ve been looking forward to setting live, as it has a bunch of cool stuff in it :smiley: here is the full list:


  1. [content] Cars now have a range of different wheel options to be researched upgraded and introduced: matte black, 5-point, turbine, high-tech and gold-plated!
  2. [GUI] Certain mandatory included features like emissions checks no longer listed in car design or feature availability list.
  3. [Bug] The resource imports tab for slots now also shows options for combination resources such as heated and folding wingmirrors, and crops their name to fit.
  4. [GUI] Resources are now ‘unlocked’ over time by the research that requires them, to limit the huge list of resources otherwise shown during the early part of the game.
  5. {Bug] Conveyor belts now don’t get ‘stuck’ visually briefly after exiting the research screen.
  6. [Content] New researchable upgrade and feature ‘air suspension’ which requires ‘air suspension bag’ resources.
  7. [GUI] The research button will now flash green, instead of red, if there are un-researched design items, and no current design item being researched.
  8. [Bug] Hang when running a large map on a PC with more than 8 available cores is now fixed, max cores set at 20 and never causes problems even above that.
  9. [Performance] Increased responsiveness of load/save game dialog when a number of large save games exist.
  10. [Balance] Breakdowns now do not start until later in the game.
  11. [GUI] ESC key now brings up quit to main menu dialog.
  12. [Feature] New auto-renew feature for marketing campaigns which can be toggled on or off form the marketing screen.
  13. [Bug] Fixed Bug where cars stopped counting towards the min spec achievement.
  14. [GUI] Added explanatory tooltip to the defects tab of the vehicle defects screen.
  15. [Bug] Fixed issue where with some upgrade and powertrain combinations, redundant resources were ordered by certain slots.
  16. [GUI] Redesigned the layout of the R&D screen, including a slightly compressed version for very small screen resolutions.
  17. [Content] New chrome paint option in the vehicle design screen allows for a polished metal look to the cars.
  18. [Balance] Defects do not start to appear now until 50 hours into the game.
  19. [GUI] Design tech tree now has its own separate research queue.
  20. [GUI] Holding shift when clicking an item in the research screen adds it to the queue (or researches it immediately if no other research is active).


Some of this stuff was specifically requested by players in our forums and the steam forums. I hope you like the new stuff. The new wheel options are just half of the new ‘appearance’ stuff to go in, as we will have different front vent/grille and light options coming very soon, plus eventually a little mini-van body style to add!

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Something I noticed is the slider on the price of the vehicle no longer works but you can click and use scroll to change the price. Also the notifications on the bottom right no longer show. Not knowing what the AI is doing without having to check the research screen is a pain.

i click on research area, show research, click a new one to do, when i click on research station again game crash.

Video of how I did it

OMG I will fix this right now

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Crash fixed. I cannot reproduce any problems with the price slider though. is this happening all the time for you?
Regarding AI pop-ups it might be that the competition has scaled back on their research. Is your company making a loss? if so it could be the AI is also making a loss and thus has stopped research. If you are facing 100% market competition, have a decent bank balance and also are making a decent profit each hour, then the AI should be researching if they are behind you (or not that far ahead) in tech. Otherwise they may not be.

the fix worked for me, reloaded the same map, did the same thing no crash.

The other thing I noticed is, when you click on the research station, and you see the percentage number, it used to be real time, showing you it’s progress, now it’s frozen and updates only if you click on the research station again.