Game updated today to build 1.45. Here are the changes

There is a bunch of stuff that is currently ‘in progress’ but I didn’t want to delay these changes any longer:

  1. [Bug] Fixed anomaly where the large battery upgrade could sometimes still require a small battery per car as well.
  2. [Bug] Fixed visual anomaly where previous games efficiency chart data showed up in empty area of slot efficiency chart.
  3. [Bug] Fixed issue where the medium map scenario was confused with another scenario when loading in saved scenario games.
  4. [Feature] You can now toggle the fading out of music with zoom feature on the options dialog.
  5. [GUI] Nicer GUI style for the objectives screen in-game.
  6. [Bug] Added code to auto-select sound driver if current sound driver fails to initialise.
  7. [GUI] New icons on the vehicle design screen show warnings if features are researched, and universal or common, but not enabled.
  8. [GUI] New window appears, when needed on vehicle design screen to show common or universal features you have not yet researched.
  9. [Balance] Slot upgrade costs increased by 20%
  10. [Bug] Cars always now face the right direction if stationary on load.
  11. [Feature] Game now saves minutes as well as hours in save game for the factory time.
  12. [Bug] Display time for a production slot details window now correctly updates to show time to process the current car.
  13. [Bug] Fixed bug where the flashing ‘new’ on the slot picker could be incorrectly activated or deactivated.
  14. [Bug] Fixed issue where applying upgrades to cars in the post-research screen failed to automatically enable pre-requisite upgrades.
  15. [Bug] Post-research screen feature-applying screen now scrolls in both directions!
  16. [Bug] Improved stockpile management algorithm to prevent sudden unexplained refunding of resources from stockpiles.
  17. [GUI] Redesigned resource price screen so it shows a single generic graph and more sensible layout.
  18. [Feature] The first auto-generated design of any new game now defaults to a 20% price markup to make use of markups more obvious.
  19. [GUI] Tutorial window background color changed and text animated.
  20. [Bug] Fixed bug calculating total vehicles of all types sold for some achievements.

So also coming soon are 8 new achievements, and new logos for your company, plus logos for the different banks making loans, and translations into Dutch and Polish. Don’t forget to vote on the priorities for the next patch, and if you haven’t already left a steam review, a reminder that these are super helpful.

I’m hopeful that this patch also fixes some save game corruption some people are experiencing.

Awesome stuff Cliff.

Now where do I vote for Priorities again?

For some reason mine is not updating. Still says 1.44?