Updating from 1.56

I have v 1.56 (got GSB from HiB), but that isn’t the most recent version, it should be 1.60, right? How do I get the more recent patches?
Edit: I see the sticky says 1.6 actually, not .59

The version in the Humble Bundle VI is still the 1.56 or is newer ?
I wonder if I can update my version.

edit (and answer!) : ok, the latest Humble Bundle is still in 1.56 version : the 1.57 version will be great in order to see in a good manner the parasites extension …

I saw a newer version on the HiB website and installed it, but the version number for the game is unchanged.

Humble Indie bundle have updated one of their install files only 4 days ago on the 27th of october 2012.

Only the .sh script version seems to have been updated, however, there’s not much clue as to which version it actually is (is there a way to tell in-game? the only clue I have is the version.txt that says 1.56, and the title screen says 1.56 Full as well, but it might actually be 1.60).

I don’t know how to get any newer version on Linux. Haven’t bought from Desura but perhaps they have a latter version?? Can anyone confirm?
I’m afraid we’ll have to resort to using Wine. :confused:

I bought the game via Ubuntu Software Center and the version is 1.56. According to a post a read, the version should update automatically but it didn’t. Is there a manual patch?