Upload Your Ships!

This probably belongs in the General GSB area, but I thought I’d christen this area.
Under ‘My Documents/My Games/GratuitousSpaceBattles/ships’ you will find a whole list of TXT files that contain the data of all your custom ships.
Just copy and past the code in any of those files here in a code tag and let others share in your Gratuitous designs!
To get them in your game, create a new text document, paste the code in and save it!
I often use these two ships together because they overcome each-others weaknesses:

Valiant Mk4 Cruiser
Pros: A ship of awesome power that is very effective at dishing out and taking damage from large ships with its Heavy Plasma weapons, Heavy Armour and Shields.
Cons: Lacks any effective protection against fighters.

name = valiant mk4
guiname = Valiant Mk4
hull = Federation Eagle Cruiser hull
cost = 3334

0 = cruiser heavy plasma,
1 = cruiser heavy plasma,
2 = cruiser heavy plasma,
3 = cruiser crew III,
4 = cruiser heavy plasma,
5 = cruiser_armour V,
6 = cruiser_armour V,
7 = cruiser heavy plasma,
8 = cruiser heavy plasma,
9 = cruiser heavy plasma,
10 = cruiser shield fastrecharge,
11 = cruiser_armour V,
12 = cruiser_engine V,
13 = cruiser_engine V,
14 = cruiser_targetboosterII,
15 = cruiser power III,
16 = cruiser power III,
17 = cruiser_repair_armor1,[/code]

Asgard Mk2 Frigate
Pros: This ship is designed to defend the fleet against enemy fighters and missiles and is very effective at what it does.
Cons: Lacks any heavy weapons and can be easily destroyed by Cruisers.

name = asgard mk2
guiname = Asgard Mk2
hull = Federation Puma Frigate hull
cost = 828

0 = frigate_pointdefence II,
1 = frigate crew II,
2 = frigate crew II,
3 = frigate_pulselaser,
4 = frigate_engine III,
5 = frigate_engine III,
6 = frigate power III,
7 = frigate_pulselaser,
8 = frigate_pulselaser,
9 = frigate shield II,
10 = frigate_armour II,[/code]

You can’t change the cost via the text file and then get free ships =(

Dang! Well, I guess it would kinda be cheating anyway. It would be awesome to have a hundred or so ships in one battle though! :smiley:

And another design:

Aegis Fighter
Pros: Good at drawing enemy Fighter fire.
Cons: Weak in almost every other situation. Best used only if you want to use up the last of the cash.

name = aegis
guiname = Aegis
hull = Federation Falcon Fighter
cost = 108

0 = fighter power III,
1 = fighter_laser,
2 = fighter_engine,
3 = fighter_engine III,

Actually that cost is only there a s a UI convenience. If it doesn’t already do it, I can ensure the costs are recalculated from the real module costs when a fleet is loaded.
Although tbh, if you really want to cheat, you can change the module costs too. But as the only place you change those values is your own PC, your fleet will still get its ass kicked by your challenge opponent, so its a hollow victory :smiley:
Thats the beauty of PlayByEmail style multiplayer. Cheating on your PC doesn’t affect your opponent at all. I’m guessing people will tend to play with friends anyway.

Federation Fox in the Huntsman I configuration.

A slow but rather nasty torpedo boat I had a lot of fun with in my first few hours with the game. Quite tough until you’ve gotten used to the paradigm, at which point it’s rather managable - fighters are one good method.

name = federation fox - huntsman i
guiname = federation fox - huntsman i
hull = Federation Fox Frigate
cost = 728

0 = frigate torpedo,
1 = frigate_pointdefence II,
2 = frigate torpedo,
3 = frigate shield II,
4 = frigate crew,
5 = frigate crew,
6 = frigate_engine,
7 = frigate power,
8 = frigate shield II,
9 = frigate shield II,
10 = frigate torpedo,[/code]

I’d like to point out that the Valiant’s very interesting in relation to its armour setup - the regen along with the superheavy armour make it rather hard for boats without something to get that first nick in the hull to deal with it. The weapons setup, frankly, is suicidal - fast frigates that move in close, so long as they can deal with that armour, tear it to shreds.

Ah, didn’t notice this thread earlier. A fighter I made that seems very impressive against other fighters. First wave of rockets chew up several fighters in the first pass, then the pulse lasers pick apart the rest.

name = fed assualt fighter
guiname = fed assualt fighter
hull = Federation Leopard Fighter
cost = 111

0 = fighter_rocket,
1 = fighter_pulse laser,
2 = fighter_engine III,
3 = fighter power III,

This was quite the brutal display of carnage

The idea is to use a whole fleet (or nearly a whole fleet) of these bad boys with the AI set to co-operate. That way all the Cruisers just mass the enemy one ship at a time. It’s true that most of the shots miss, but when you have ten or more of these ships firing with all guns it really doesn’t matter. Also the enemy, at least on normal difficulty, don’t seem to work together so well so the heavy armour and shields keep them off until my ships get round to all of them.

@Legedi: I always used up one of those weapon slots with a shield or armour, but it looks like offense is the best form of defence for fighters. I’ve got to try that one some time! :slight_smile:

This Yellow Jacket is super fast and is nearly unstoppable en masse. I like to fly inside the shield radius and destroy ships within minutes

name = yellow jacket mk1
guiname = Yellow Jacket mk1
hull = Federation Leopard Fighter
cost = 101

0 = fighter_pulse laser,
1 = fighter power III,
2 = fighter_engine,
3 = fighter_engine II,[/code]

Angel Mk2 Frigate

Pros: Very effective against all classes of ships if used in large numbers and cheap too!
Cons: No armour and weak shields.

name = angel mk2
guiname = Angel Mk2
hull = Rebel Asgard Frigate hull
cost = 747

0 = frigate crew II,
1 = frigate torpedo,
2 = frigate crew II,
3 = frigate_engine III,
4 = frigate disruptor bomb,
5 = frigate ecm shock missile v2,
6 = frigate_beamlaser,
7 = frigate_beamlaser,
8 = frigate power III,
9 = frigate shield II,