Version 1.07 released. Highlights and changelist

We just released a new build. You can read how to get it here:

There are a number of performance improvements and tweaks for when you have very large factories and zoom out, this should make life way easier for people who are at the middle or late stages of the game, or anyone with a low spec PC.
A number of crash bugs relating to large games and late-game play are fixed, including ‘Route Pending!’ and ‘TrashLowPriorityResource’.

We have added a clock to show game time, so you can see how long an hour is, and some extra hints and warnings for incorrect layouts. We also reduced the valve requirement for an engine from 8 to 4, and this part of the game will get a proper overhaul soon, with it branching out as a new mini production line of its own.

As ever, we appreciate all feedback and suggestions, and don’t forget to vote here if you have not done so already:

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These are the full changes:

[version alpha 1.07]

  1. Major performance optimization for large factories.
  2. Much faster vehicle rendering when zoomed out.
  3. Fixed bug where very high car output resulted in no market price for a car being low enough.
  4. Fixed the ‘No room to TrashLowPriorityResource from stockpile’ bug.
  5. Fixed the ‘Route Pending!’ bug.
  6. Possible fix for corrupt efficiency graph.
  7. Fixed bug where manufacturing slots showed as not connected to a stockpile until the first resources arrived.
  8. Added game-clock to top right menu.
  9. Quitting the new car design dialog now gives a unique default name and price to the design.
  10. Fixed bug where the warning notices on cars would persist until they encountered an empty conveyor belt.
  11. Fixed bug where right clicking on research screen could delete items in the factory.
  12. When a car is unable to move to the next (connected) slot, the message now tells the player which requirement is not met.
  13. Background sound FX in R&D screen reduced in volume.
  14. Fixed bug where some conveyor belt placements resulted in multiple placement sounds on top of each other.
  15. Fixes to the layout of some R&D and slot menu items.
  16. The warning and error notices in the factory now shrink to icons when zoomed right out.
  17. As a temporary quick balance measure, only 4 valves are needed for engines now!
  18. Fixed bug where supply stockpiles would not always fill correctly.[/code]

Hey Cliff, my high production factory (aprox 1 car every 4 seconds) still cannot move any vehicles at even a minimal profit. I quickly accumulated 50 cars before pausing to try and tinker with things.

Then as I was tinkering and applying upgrades, it crashed. Not sure exactly why, I was applying an upgrade to my duplicate aircon station… the upgrade applied to the first aircon just fine but the second station crashed. Maybe because I had applied too many upgrades while the game was paused?

Of course the second issue is much less relevant than the first… with the lack of sales, my factory remains more or less unplayable.

I take it you mean the factory is unprofitable, not that you cannot sell cars even at minimum price? I need to do a thorough rebalancing, but its a big task and one I need to set aside time for. At first the game was hilariously easy. I may have made it less easy (yay!) but possibly too hard for big factories now…

I have a factory that should be close to a car every 2s and my 434 car backlog from 1.06 sold almost instantly at +15% of fair price, so at least for my high capacity factory the fix is working.

No, I meant that they wouldn’t sell at a minimum price.

However I’ve played a bit more and that isn’t entirely true. What happens is, there will be a big accumulation of cars, and then a bunch will sell, and then they will accumulate again. They do seem to be selling in these fits and starts at a very minimal price. Like, $27 per car profit with lots of upgrades. So I’ll go from 3 cars in the showroom to 40, then back down to 4, then up to 40 again.

I’m processing my video right now and will post it as soon as it’s done - probably in an hour - so if you want you can see it in action. Or I could upload a save if you think that would help. I spent some time near the end on the showroom screen watching the sales numbers and fiddling with prices and stuff.

Really happy with the game of course and having fun but it doesn’t quite feel like it’s working as intended.

Also the aircon crash happened two more times when I gave it another shot, not in any consistent manner. Again I can provide specific links to the video so you can see what happened once it’s processed and available.

Edit: Here’s the point where the game crashes from trying to install climate control.
Here’s the second crash as I try again a few minutes later.

And here’s where I spend some time watching the showroom information and try to work through my car stockpile.

All that being said, with the weirdness and everyting, I still made a huge amount of profit in this time span. I played for about 25 minutes on varying speeds and made over $2M during that time, importing most all parts and selling for very modest margins. So it’s still a pretty easy game, but like I said I don’t feel like the inconsistent sales behavior displayed in the final link there is what you’re looking for.

I think that may be a symptom of an older game, so shouldn’t happen with fresh ones.
This bit of the game needs a lot of work but…
You have LOTS of cars to sell, so you are flooding the market, driving prices down… thus every time the price goers up enough to sell some of yours…the number of cars flooded onto the market goes up and the price drops again.
If you started from scratch, theoretically you would never get to amass that number, or encounter this problem :smiley:
But yes…it needs a lot more work.

That is kind of what I was telling myself too. I assume you mean in a storytelling sense, right? In the game it’s happening with the same model just up and down, like in a wave. Hard to track for certain (I’ll watch closer as I record the next episode, which shouldn’t have any model upgrades) but I know for the first few minutes of this video I was selling the basic stock car and the up/down thing was happening as I mentioned in my first comment.

Anyway thanks as always for your involvement and response Cliff, it’s great to know you’re listening and responding.

The link to “how to get it” links to 1.06, and my Humble page hasn’t updated to 1.07 yet. Is there something I need to do to get the update? Or should it just work?

I just played the new version for about an hour and the valve update really fixed my factory. Thanks Cliff!

My cars were all bottle-necked at the valve stations, so I couldn’t optimize anything else. I also noticed that it started pulling from my huge stock of valves in my nearby supply stockpile instead of importing everything directly to the station’s smaller stock. I didn’t see that listed as a fix, but it seems to be fixed anyway. Just resolving that bottle-neck seemed to make my factory much more profitable. I started cranking out cars, and I went from about $3M in the bank to over $10M within my hour of play time. I watched the stock count nervously as it rose to over 100+ cars, but then I’d look away for a few minutes and look again and almost my entire stock was sold out. All of my stock is priced at +40% markup, and I didn’t seem to have any issues moving them. That seemed to happen at least twice, if not more, before I was done with my session. This was all with a factory I started in 1.05.

i thought the same at first, but when you download and run the installer, it does actually install the newest version (or it did in my case anyway) :smiley:

Using the ‘Fit Engine’ assembly station, the car only takes 4 valves. This is great thank you for the change. The issue I see is the built in stockpile keeps 12 valves after a few cars have run though. Now I only have 4 slots left for the other components.

Running on 1.07, new game, largest map.

I started fresh in 1.07 and while it runs fine for awhile, once I get a fully specced line running, I get the stock & sell cycles. It’ll stock over 100 cars and then sells down to the 30s even over 80% mark-up. The mark up only seems to affect how many cars it back logs and how many cars are left after a sell off. This cycle seems to hold after that.