(Vista) Patch cause multiple entries in Add/Remove Programs

After each patch, I get one additional entry in the Add/Remove Programs list.

This is probably because each patch appears to Windows as a completely separate install (that just happens to be put in the same folder as something else).

We had the same issue with our product at work, but I can’t remember exactly what we ended up doing that solved it. It involved mucking about a bit with the confused mess that is Windows Installer UpgradeCode, ProductCode and ProductVersion properties.


I’ll have a look at our build rules this week to find out what the solution was.

Is this 32 or 64 bit? I’m using 64 bit Vista and I’m not experiencing this problem V1.01 through V1.04.

64 bit Windows Vista Home Premium. Less than 1 week old installation.

Just to confirm, I don’t think that this is a problem in XP Home. I’ve checked my program list and can only see the one listing.

Interesting. I use inno setup, I suspect that there is just an option to prevent the patches being listed in there, or it overwriting old ones. I’ll investigate

I can confirm this with Windows 7 64-bit as well.

well - the patches seem to consider themselves as brand new installs … what with not defaulting to where the game’s installed and giving warnings if you point it at an existing directory (! for a patch!)

Indeed, future patches will not do this…