Void Slot/Conveyor for Testing


OK I’ve only had this for a day or two and already I’m addicted!! Thanks Cliff :slight_smile: One thing that would be handy and meet with my OCD need to perfect every stage within a Sandbox/Creative test map would be a way of been able to have a slot/conveyor or something that is accepted as any slot and voids the car.

This would allow you to max out every slot and see if your resource supply is sufficient. Or even better would be one that had a GUI that can be set to a rate of cars/sec.

Has anyone done anything like this I can rob/pinch/steal/borrow, if not it looks like I may have to put on my thinking cap and see if I can create something. Not looked into modding yet just wanted to see if anyone else had done it already or thinks it would be useful.

Thanks for reading,

Mac :slight_smile:

OK so I’ve had a dig around in the game files and adding a void slot was simple enough using existing bitmap etc. I’ve been able to figure out how to accept from any slot but I’m stuggling to find a way to delete the vehicle when it gets to the void slot.

So I have come up with a workaround :

WARNING This procedure may break your game!!!

Edited tasks.csv and set the the following properties :


Edited export.ini and set the the following properties :

Deleted 0 = task_qa from the [subtasksrequired] section

This allows the Export Slot to accept from any production step with zero cost and zero processing time. As with a normal Export Slot you will have to set a name/price for the first of each type.

Always make a backup of your files and remember to revert the changes when you wish to resume normal gameplay.

Happy testing,

Mac :slight_smile:

just curious, if tou export a carbody will the Gui template give you a render of a car that is completed or will it give you a carbody only ?

ive added several steps that enable you to create new vehicle types but still struggeling with the output. the issue is that my alternative carbody is added at a new station that i added (this works, however only at a distance, close render is hardcoded) untill Cliff fixes the rendering this “void” step is intresting. if only for debugging flaws from the files i add.

if i have time i will do a render gor this today and show you :wink: