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Galactic News - Praetorian Industries to deploy battle fleet to “demonstrate” new weapons line

For those that are not in the Business of Intergalactic War - Praetorian Industries are a private weapons manufacturing company located in the Argena Cluster.

In what has been described as a bold move the Chairman of Praetorian Industries has extended an invitation to all shipwrights through the known galaxy to submit their designs to be used for the new Praetorian Industries Live Weapons Fire Fleet.

When asked to comment about the “Live Fire” Fleet, Mr Praetors only comment was:
“The best way to sell weapons is to show the customer what they can do”

A long time ago in a thread far far away, Praetors asked if i could help with some turret designs for his modules he has put together. Over time and with input from various people, a collection of modules and graphics is slowing becoming a mod. However we are missing one major component, the ship designs. Therefore we have created this contest for members of the community to submit design to be used in what we hope will become the a Community Created Mod.

If you wish to talk about the Community Created Mod please head over here and share your thoughts - viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5909

::Ship Design Rules::

  • The competition is open to anyone and you can submit multiple designs
  • Ship designs that that use components from other mods - PLEASE GET THE AUTHORS PERMISION FIRST ! (because i will check)
  • Designs using Copyright material will not be accepted - ie ships from other games, movies etc.

The suggested colour scheme is dark grey with a colour highlight

When you submit your design, Please let me know which category it belongs to.

  • Fighters / Drones / Corvettes
  • Frigates / Destroyers
  • Cruisers / Dreadnaughts
  • Stations / Leviathans

Remember there is no such thing as a bad design, only a design that can be improved. So if you want feedback on how to make your ship look awesome, now is the time to send it in and get advice from people that enjoy and mod the game. Who knows, your design may be voted the winner.

::Submission of Designs::
To keep the competition interesting, I (Darkstar076) will be posting the competition entries. You can PM or email me on hotmail your designs so i will post them. That way the votes are based on designs and not on who is more popular.

When you submit a design you can either send me a link to the image or send me the file itself.
THe only condition is that you must remain Anonymous while the competition is running

::Judging of entries::

  • All registered members of the forum can cast a total of 6 votes at any time for their favourite designs and post any comments / feedback for the author. For example:

3 votes - Design #8
2 votes - Design #3
1 vote - Design #15


  • I really like Designs 8 unique use of the nacelles from the Eagle Cruiser.
  • Design 3 would look awesome if they increased the size of the engines.

[size=120]As more designs are submitted you may wish to change your voting - Therefore, please use the edit button (if you submit multiple posts with votes, your latest post will be used. )[/size]
At the end of the competition the votes are tallied and the winning design and author of each category will be declared.

[size=150]View all the designs here: … s66wwi1b46[/size]

::The Winner::
Since all of us are flat broke, we are not in any position to offer a cash prize.
Therefore the winner of this competition will receive Praise and Undying Gratitude from the Community.
You will also have first invite to the beta test of the completed mod.
(If any other member has a suggestions for a prize - please let me know)

Once the competition has closed and the Winner announced, Praetors will send PM’s to the respective authors to confirm permission if he can include their designs (with full credits) for various roles in this community mod. To avoid hurting Praetors feelings I kindly ask that you please do not submit a design of your ultimate ship only to refuse permission for it to be used in this mod when asked.

While there is no set colour scheme, but it would be highly recomended that you have a copy of your design where you can easily change the colour scheme should one be decided.

For more information about where this all started: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5698
Good luck

[size=120][b]The Epic Conclusion to the Contest


Design Entry #1

::Authors Description::
When the Praetorian Industries realised they didnt have enough ships to draw fire, they came up with this clever design. with little to no crew, this heavaly armored transport emmits false signatures to the enemy, luring them to attack it.
Armed with only two weapons and slow movement speed, this craft relies on its heavy armor to survive.

Design #2

::Authors Description::
The EX-Lander super fighter was built based on the order fighters, from the outside may look like just a great fighter, but is equipped with numerous developments of last generation, transforming a large and clumsy fighter in a highly maneuverable, fast and difficult to destroy, not say that this bristling with weapons. Only used for some special missions and only for capitains with a very good quantity of credits.

Design #3

::Authors Description::
Do YOU want something that blows up in an aesthetically pleasing way under your Preatoran purchase, yet its hull strength is enough to show of all of your massive arsenal…? Well then valued costomer you need the ‘EX-NautikosTM’ the ship that does it all. What does it actually do you ask well it features the Rainbow TechTM package, which includes costume made modules for this ship. Armour that explodes just that little bit more for more pleasing hits and shields designed to give an idea of strength but they merely crumble when fired upon!What more do you want? You want this ship but a little bit faster a little bit sleeker…? Well Hold your Tentacles/Hands/Stems/ Because the sports version will soon be hitting the stores!

Design #4

::Authors Description::
Αἰήτης is the greek name of Aeëtes, a greek god. A state of the art ship designed by some of the top Tribe scientists, Praetorian Industries could buy. It implements revolutionary new design concepts, deflective armour, an awesome looking outline and of course, Huge Guns! Disclaimer: may only look huge when compared to guns fitted on standard fighters

Design #5

::Author Description::
Dragged up from the biological research division of preatoran industries on the second moon of the first planet in the Argena Cluster. Although The Mr.Preatoras will not verify its exact origin, how its created and its exact purpose. However a former scientist of Preatoran industries who’s name cannot be revealed, shared with us that it is not of inter-terestial origin. Its true power is not known but it has only been released once, on a so-called holy crusade by ‘HisVoice’ soldiers and it has quickly gathered the nickname, the ‘Consumer’’

Design #6

::Authors Description::
“EX-Talos Assault Fighter”:
This fighter is designed to kill other fighters, drones, and even those elusive spy drones to which no one can reach before they detect your fleet before the battle.
Equipped with highly accurate weapons and compact but powerful engines, the talos design should exceed any other type of fighter, thanks to its extreme speed and maneuverability, is very rare to be destroyed by conventional lasers, only the last generation of anti-fighter missile defences are capable to kill some of this type of fighters.
[size=85](Components sourced from GSB Mod: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=4550)[/size]

Design #7

::Authors Description::
“EX-Laertes Light Corvette”:
The Laertes experimental corbette is suposed to be used for exploration missions, they are fast, but they are not very resistant to fire. Not much to explain because this design is just a big engine, one or two weapons, and some expensive scanners.
[size=85](Components sourced from GSB Mod: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=4550)[/size]

Design #8

::Authors Description::
the experimental Omega Dreadnought is one of the most powrful ships ever created. with an impressive arsenal of 15 weapon hardpoints and 10 engines, this monster can obliderate entire fleets without backup and make it back for coffee faster than you can say holycrapthishipissofrigginawesomesause!!! it does, however, come with a high price. the special components and programs needed to make this collosal operational are very complicated and expensive.

Design #9

::Authors Description::
When Praetorian Industries began gaining fame, their facilities started to suffer from continuous pirate raids and attacks from other weapons manufacturers. In order to protect their space from their enemies, they quickly developed the EX-Crux defense station. This medium size station is able to carry a total of 33 turrets and it has been built with a heavily reinforced hull. Despite having these fearsome specs, scientists have been unable to add a proper shield compability for it.

Design #10

::Authors Description::
The Mobile space station of preatoran industries with chameleon armour and shielding allowing the entire station to disappear and hide the thousands of crew and millions of credits worth off laboratory’s and there projects from any threats. not to say that it cant deal with threats due to its huge size. And the fact that it has the very pinnacle of preatoran research being developed directly inside it. thus allowing it to carry the next gen preatoran experimental weaponry and defences.
Mr Preatoras commented after being asked what was up with the squid’s head with 'i was out hunting one day and i found it and i just thought wouldn’t that look good on the head of an intergalactic space station research centre :smiley:

Design #11

::Authors Description::
Based on tribe technology but with numerous upgrades, including the new secret tech of engines.
This mix betwen the Sunset and the Dove tribe fighters turned out to be a really fast fighter with a proper ammount of weapons but with low maneuverability… But what we want is reach the enemy cruisers and fill them with torpedos as fast as we can, or not?
If yes, you are paying attention to the proper design.

Design #12

“EX-Phoebe Heavy Assault Corvette”
The Phoebe corbette also knowed as “The Flashing” is one of the most over-equipped corbettes ever designed, it can carry 14 guns of various types and, as if not much, but has 4 spaces for throwable weapons like bombs, mines and missiles.
Wait, there’s more, the engines of this corbette are something new, they gives to the ship a excellent maneuverability, so, combined with a good armour, this ship is slow, but it has a good suvirval probabilities, not for how much it can evade, but because how fast it can obliterate the enemy on his front.

Design #13

::Authors Description::
EX. Delta
The Expreimental Delta leviathan is one of the oldest praetorian designs.
It is one of three sister ships, all of whom are leviathan sized. The other two are called Alpha and Beta and the delta is the oldest of them.
It is designed to move slowly towards its objective, destroying all in its path.

It was developed by top scientists from the praetorian large ship division, the same scientists that developed the advanced power system that most pratorian ships use today. It was the first ship to use this technology and it resulted in a very long lifespan.
At the time of its birth, shield technology was still just a theory and the delta was not originaly equipped with shields. Instead it had an advanced armor layout to protect it. Later when shields had been invented, the scientists who had developed the delta were long dead. The new generation of scientists are still trying to find a way to properly install shields, but have failed to get a shield effectiveness above 30%.

Design #14
::Authors description::
Designed to be Mr.Preatoras’s personal fighter but eventual got overfilled with fancy gizmo’s dodads and high teck next gen weaponry. It has the speed and agility of a fighter with the armoury of a frig-it. not to say that it doesn’t have its luxury’s with a television in every room cross galactic television coverage (unrestricted) and it is rumoured that Mr.Preatoras has a <>!

Design #15
::Authors description::

the Experimental Lima corvette was based upon the success of the delta leviathan. it has a built in generator that produces enough power to its weapons and sub systems.

Design #16

::Authors Description::
The Chimera Class Battlecruiser arose from the need to have more powerful heavy cruiser. The arrival of the Leviathans and Dreadnaughts and the power of the Space Stations began to render older designs obsolete. The Chimera was designed with durability and firepower in mind, boasting 10 customizable bays in addition to 9 hardpoints, enough to cause plenty of damage to any foe. This quality build does come with an associated price tag, but only those with the needs to use this new Battlecruiser design have the credits anyways!"
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Design #17

::Authors Description::
The “Cerberus”-class superfrigate was born in the wake of a huge Uni-T assault upon a Nomad fleet. Agents of Praetors Industries salvaged more than enough frigate wreckage to build an artifical moon, but they were having trouble deciding what useful purpose could be served with that gigantic pile of material. Expert shipwrights were summoned to appraise the wreckage, and they made several useful - if shocking - suggestions…

Praetors’ Tactical Command had long been requesting a stronger frigate design that could keep up with the cruisers and do more than fire a few quick shots before being destroyed by return fire. The solution was to push frigate capabilities beyond all previous limits. This would insure that the admiral on the scene would have local firepower superiority in a small space where only one ship could fit. The goal was reached by combining parts of three frigate hulls. The result was a huge increase in ship volume; more than enough to fill all of the 14 weapon hardpoints and 17 equipment bays with useful items. Naval analysts hotly debate whether this radical warship is either a very small cruiser or a frigate uprated to an “advanced-tech destroyer”-type ship. Regardless of how the official nit-pickers define it based upon its actual hull size or its combat capabilities, it’s one class of ship that you’ll never forget!

No single frigate could possibly engage a “Cerberus” and survive. The combined triple power plants add 22% extra energy. Attachment brackets for multiple armor belts increased total armor strength by 28%. While the 140-meter hull was hard to hide from enemy fire, the advantages of this ship class made up for its bulk. Praetorian fleets use these ships as squadron leaders for frigate groups. They also make excellent escorts for attack cruisers and leviathans, and can carry enough anti-fighter missiles to wreck even a Tribe fighter squadron. The Cerberus-class is not only able to smash any other frigate in known space, but this superfrigate can even give an enemy cruiser’s captain something to seriously worry about.

Design #18

::Authors Notes::
This ship is heavily armed and with good armor and integrity resistance

Design #19

::Authors Description::
The Raptor Corvette was conceived as a gunship to accompany the Chimera Cruiser. Chimera designs had been tested with anti-fighter weaponry but they lacked the efficiency a small corvette could provide. The Raptor features enough weaponry to wreck most fighter squadrons and with the proper outfit could go toe to toe with frigates and cruisers. Superheavy and bomber loadouts of the Raptor are still in testing, but the four angled engine design has proven highly maneuverable.

Design #20

::Authors Description::
The Badger Frigate was designed as primarily an antifighter platform that was cheap and easy to deploy. The frigate hosts 6 hardpoints, enough to devastate swarms of fighters and bombers, and with enough numbers corvettes as well. Unlike its big brother the Gryphon Class Frigate, the Badger was designed with firepower and cost in mind, allowing fleets of fighters to engage the enemy without worry of losing the motherships that supply them.

Design #21

::Authors Description::
Description: Quality ships are hard to come by, but <> has been building such ships for years. And the latest design, hot off the datapad, is the Centauria Destroyer. The Centauria is heavily armored and is designed to fix the problem that <>'s commanders have had: Frigates blow up too fast. It has numerous module slots but its small size makes it a smaller target for deadly missiles and rockets. This comes with a couple of catches: It produces zero power, meaning more space is used up for just that tiny micro generator needed; and it is more expensive than a normal frigate. Not a lot more expensive, just enough so that you can’t spam these powerful cruisers.


i’m working on a ship at the moment, although my lack of ability with 3D modeling it hasn’t gone past sketch phase.
If any modelers want some sketches to work off, contact me and i’ll see about sending you what i have.

Yeah, I might have a go at those sketches if you want… though, I already have an entry in, I’m not sure if i’m allowed to make some graphics for you to enter.

3 votes - Design #17
2 votes - Design #13
1 vote - Design #4


  • Design 17 is simply the most awesome thing I’v ever seen.
  • Design 13 is simply awesome…
  • I like Designs 4 because it reminded me of this ships in star trek (those romulan warbirds).
  • Would have liked Design 3 a lot more if it were more detailed (far more) and actually had more complex texturing.
  • Design 2 was awesome… but the colour scheme has to much yellow (instead of having a grey colour and a highlight, it’s like the grey is the lowlight). Sort of resembles a ship from an old shoot-em’-up game.
  • Design 1 does look better now.

Well, not technically because this is a contest, but since Praetorian Industries is a community mod, why not?
The problem with the teamwork will be the credits, to what person are they given? sorry but that is your problem.

In this case, Darkstar will have the last word, because I’m not exactly aware of all rules, I already have read them and i believe that i’ve not seen any to talk about it.

I’d be happy to give all the credit to lkohime… The graphics that I might supply to him are based upon his sketches. I’ll decide once I see those sketches (if they are like… super basic- like something that looked like it was drawn by a 5 year old, I wont waste my effort on it).

wait what? man, use the game graphics, is a lot more easy!
Just download or gimp or photoshop, open a hull, take the pieces what you want to use, open a new file, make the ship and save it xD

Yeah, but read lkohime’s original post. He wanted 3d graphics based on his sketches…

edit: just realised that you may have been referring to lkohime’s original post…

The rules are fairly open because i want as many people to participate as possible. As for who owns the ship design etc, I will leave that to the authors. I am of the firm believe that the people here are mature enough to share any credit.

Is there a limit on ships i can make :smiley:

I dont know - IS there a limit on the number of ships you can make ?
As far as i am concerned - You can submit as many entries as you like :slight_smile:
Same goes for everyone

The only limit of this contest your imagination, and the time, but for now do not worry about time, I guess this contest will be quite long. [size=50]maybe a month.[/size]

WWOOOT :smiley: I’m going to try and churn out at least one of each class :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha thanks :smiley: :smiley: